Sunday, July 27, 2014

Paris Hilton Launches Champagne in a Can: Rich Prosecco

When we think of tall skinny aluminum cans we think of energy drinks, cold coffee or espresso. Not Champagne. Yet in just a few short months, this will be something that American's can expect to find in their stores beverage refrigerators. Paris Hilton for some reason must of thought it was a good idea, because the blond bombshell is endorsing it. Rich Prosecco is the name of the Champagne; in a can.

The way she is endorsing it though has raised quite a few eyebrows. As if the world has not seen enough of the naked Heiress, she goes and paints herself in a thin layer of gold and crawls across a desert...did I mention she is naked?

I know, you're all thinking....again!?
Well it's discreet this time around, and there will be no nipples or private parts viewable in the ad.
The Rich Prosecco Champagne comes in a pretty gold metallic colored can, with the label on the can.

Although the advertising is discreet, I think for the first time in Paris Hilton history, she looks terrible.

I just don't find the ads to be sexy; in fact, she looks like she is trying to be a Buddha statue, and she looks sort of old in the pictures. It also reminds me of a dying desert camel. I don't know, I love Paris, but I'm totally not feeling these pictures. Re-make!
Paris' Champagne Rich Prosecco, will not be introduced into America until next year, so all of you eager drinkers will just have to wait. Next year though is a short time away, so brace yourselves.
As of now Rich Prosecco is available in if you want to try it, you now know where to buy it.

Another main reason fans and non-fans alike are getting upset with Paris is the fact that she is basically endorsing alcoholism. With her recent DUI charge, and the jail time she had's sort of controversial. Most likely this is why she picked it up to endorse it. Paris has always been known to stir controversy. It's why she is rich, why she is famous. It's expected, so honestly I do not know why people are acting like they are 'shocked'.

Paris knows how to get attention, even if gaining that attention means bad publicity. As all celebrities should know any publicity is good publicity. So people should keep that in mind before giving her even more publicity by blogging about how naughty she is for doing this, or that.

I am sure that Rich Prosecco will take off in huge ways when it hits America. In due time though the Champagne in a can idea will just become another faded fad.

I myself have never heard of such a concept, but it seems interesting, and gross all at the same time. I imagine that my mind will tell me it's a Starbucks iced coffee, and my palette will give me wine. When you confuse the mind with flavor, the result is usually disgusting. Odds are Rich Prosecco will be just that. Nasty, with a well known celebrity endorser. Paris Hilton.
Rich Prosecco; Fame or failure? Either way Paris Hilton will still be a loved, and hated name all at the same time.

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