Sunday, July 27, 2014

Radio Twins It Should Be in the Dictionary

Today I felt the need to write about Radio Twins. It's one of those awesomely cool rare events that happens so seldom; when it does though, it is human nature to say, 'Oh wow, cool, they're listening to the same song I am!'
It happens like a blue moon, and it does not happen often.
Today while waiting at a red light, my Radio Twin pulled up right next to me. I heard him blasting the same tune on the radio that I was blasting. The even rarer occurrence happens when you are playing a CD, and as if the stars had aligned for this moment, someone pulls up playing the same song, that you are playing on CD. The odds of that are pretty astonishing. I wish I knew that statistic.
You can't help but to look over, and give that strange person a smile. Like silently saying 'hey, we are cool, we are down together as and I...Radio Twin'.
You'll never see you Radio Twin again though. It's sad that you and your Radio Twin will never get together and make conversation...but the event is pretty amusing and sticks with you for a small fraction of time.
This is why I feel it belongs in Websters. Radio Twin. The rare occurrence that someone is playing the same song on the radio that you are playing while at a red light.
Get down, get down... we Radio Twins, we rock...when we find one another.

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