Thursday, July 24, 2014

Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Should Properly Be Titled, 'I' Want to Be Paris Hilton's New Pet'

Now don't get me wrong, I adore Paris, and never really have anything bad to say about her but, my God, after following her new show Paris Hilton's My New BFF for the past few weeks, I raise an eyebrow.

At first I thought the show would be innocent, cute, with girls simply butt kissing the heiress during each and every showing. However, what was delivered was a bit more drastic than I imagined. Instead of Paris calling her contestants friends, she calls them 'pets', which is a little harsh, and the more the show went on, it was very obvious that she's not looking for a new best friend, she's looking for someone to worship her even when she's being a total jerk to them.

The very first episode, I watched as she sent a handful of contestants home in the most shady way. Instead of telling them upfront she was not interested in being chums with them, she gets them a large limo and sends them to the airport. These poor girls thought Paris was sending them somewhere cool, and they were all excited, till they discovered she wasn't sending them anywhere cool; unless they consider home cool.

In all honesty, I felt pretty bad for them, because they ended up looking like real tools, which was not necessary.

The next few episodes, contestants were sent home in similar raunchy ways, but at least Paris was more upfront about it. Like with every celebreality show, there is always a phrase that is used week after week when sending someone home. The phrase used in Paris Hilton's My New BFF is 'TTYN'. Which is short for 'Talk To Ya Never'.
Sorry, but how old are we? That's a phrase some junior high school mean girl would use, and to be honest the more and more the show goes on, you will see more and more junior high school behavior being delivered. It may of been cute way back in the Simple Life, but Paris is almost 30, and I thought by now, she would have possibly matured a bit.

Anyhow, each week the show starts off with Paris propped up in some chaise lounge chair, while she gives us a verbal recap of what happened in the show the following weeks. Am I the only one who thinks she looks a little too old for the odd baby girl type role she is trying to pull off?

This week's episode Paris put the girls through hell, which is sort of what happens every week on the show. Hell, by the time the show is over I imagine all of the girls are going to despise her.

This week she had the remaining contestants party all night long, and after the partying is over the girls go back to their hotel room only to be waken up by stage girls blowing whistles and demanding they get up!

After waking up from their 2 hours of sleep, they are then taken to some sort of stage boot camp where they have to learn a routine of dance, while wearing these show girl costumes.

I don't know what is wrong with these girls, but they actually get up and do it like the controlled little puppets they are. Is that type of treatment even worth being friends with Paris? I would think not.
The reason for the drill?
Paris wants them to put on a show for her and a huge audience of onlookers.

The shadiness in Paris came out after she says one on one to the cameras, that watching the show was 'hilarious'.
Nice right? She put them through hell just so she could laugh at them behind the scenes. Talk about going through great lengths to humiliate someone just to amuse yourself.

In an earlier episode, Paris has the girls take a roller coaster ride with a challenge attached to the ride.

 The challenge was that the girls had to 'look hot' while on the scary ride. I'm sitting there watching this go down and laughing my butt off while these puppets go about trying to look hot in their pictures.

In a more recent episode, she decided to stir up trouble with the girls by sending them fake false rumors about one another, which in turn caused the whole group to distrust one another and hate one another a little more than they already do. The rumor starting was a challenge to see how the girls would handle false rumors started by other people.

To sum it up, the show is probably the last reality show she will be in. I find that she does not have that same fun 'girly' appeal that she once did in the Simple Life with her sidekick Nicole Richie. Paris Hilton's My New BFF, is pretty much a shady and tragic train wreck in the heiress' career.

Likely its only a matter of time till the winning contestant comes forward to rip on Paris the moment she decides not to call or text them back immediately. Most winning contestants to these reality shows do just that- rip on the star as soon as they are ignored. I like Paris don't get me wrong, she's successful, smart, and knows how to promote herself. This show though? More bad promotion. I don't think she meant for the show to make her out to look like a shady character, but that is exactly what is being shown. I know it's all about ratings, but she sort of came off like a mean girl, and I never considered her a mean person, till now.

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