Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where to Find Christmas Gifts for Fans of the Video Game Halo 3

My brother is absolutely obsessed with the XBOX360 video game Halo 3. It seems whenever he gets home from work he is plopped down in his gaming chair, screaming, yelling and sometimes even cussing at other online players.

I personally find the whole thing to be an obsessed addiction of his, but the fact of the matter is, he loves the game. He is also a hard person to find gifts for during Christmas time!

The moment I came across my first Halo 3 tin at my local Kohl's I knew exactly what I would do for him this holiday. Hunt, find, and buy everything and anything I possibly could associated with the game.
The first item I found was of course the Halo 3 tin at my local Kohl's. Inside of this odd helmet shaped tin there was a pair of Halo 3 themed sleeper shorts. The tin with shorts came to $8.99, and I felt it was worth it seeing that I hadn't come across Halo 3 themed gifts before.

After finding that item, the hunt was on, and it was a hardcore hunt that led me to local shops, stores, and online merchants.

On Craigslist I came across something called a Legendary Halo helmet and limited edition metal case! Someone was selling it for $50! I figured I could likely find it for less, and low and behold my search took me to THIS website, where I could pick it up for $29.99. Unfortunately at this time the helmet is on back order, so I passed.

Besides coming across the helmet though I came across a few other cool must have Halo 3 goodies.
Although he's a little old, I did manage to pick up a few Halo 3 action figures. I had no idea this game was this popular, but the more I dug into the available Halo 3 products, the more I realized that there is a huge mass desire for Halo 3 items. You can purchase some of these Halo 3 figures by clicking here.
Toys and shorts are not the only cool Halo themed things I found, I also found a large array of products at my malls local Hot Topic store. I picked up a t-shirt, key chain, and a poster. I figured I had more than enough for him at this point, but still my search continued for even more Halo 3 goodies. For those who don't have a local Hot Topic, click here to be taken to the site. Here you can find Halo 3 items that some stores don't have in stock.

Now likely if your child, friend, or relative is a fan of Halo, they already have an XBOX360, however for hardcore fans of Halo, the Halo 3 Special Edition XBOX360 Console would be a killer gift. You can find it at Gamestop stores, or on the official website. Click here to view.

If you are not in the market to send a hunk of change like that though, you can still satisfy the Halo 3 gamer by picking up a Halo themed controller for their consoles. At Walmart you can find a few neat looking controllers.

The first is the Microsoft Wireless Controller - Halo 3 Covenant Edition, and it sells for $59.92 online. Click to view this controller.

You can also pick up the Microsoft Halo 3: Spartan Edition Wireless Controller as well, at Circuit City. Click to view.
When I came across the Limited Edition Halo 3 Headset on, I could not resist. I knew this would be something that my brother would absolutely love. You can find the Halo 3 Limited Edition Headset by clicking here.
Other Halo 3 gifts I came across can be found below:

The Halo 3 Sling Bag/Back Pack. Click to view
Halo 3 Gray Back Pack.Click
Halo 3 Wallet
Halo 3 XBOX360 Face Plate. Click to view.
I was also able to come across a few selections of Halo 3 themed caps on Ebay. Keyword Halo 3 Hat, and you will find a nice list of available head gear.

And hey, who said Halo 3 was only for boys! I was able to find some belt buckles and dog tag jewelry that some female fans of the game may enjoy as well. Click to view.

All in all I was pretty surprised at just how much was out there for the pickings. I honestly thought finding Halo 3 themed items would be close to impossible. I really was however hoping for a Halo 3 themed bed set, with sheets, blankets and pillow cases. Unfortunately that search came up blank, no matter how long and hard I looked. Perhaps this is something those who sew should consider! Custom bedding, ebay... oh yeah!

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