Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Paris Hilton's New BFF is Brittany Flickinger!!!

Although I thought the show was a little degrading to some extent, I still tuned in to MTV's Paris Hilton's My New BFF, simply because I wanted to be 100% sure that she didn't choose that odd gal Vanessa, who just seemed so fake, and so Paris obsessed and stalkerish.

In any case though I tuned in from start to finish, and smiled as I watched Paris choose Brittany Flickinger to be her new BFF, the cool rocker chick who was the only one in the show that seemed real, down to earth, and honest. She wasn't like the other girls. She didn't kiss Paris' butt, she complained when she was uncomfortable, and she told it like it was, without seeming to have any ill motives toward Paris (although she did say something about the show boosting her career during the reunion show, which oddly was aired before a winner was chosen).

The main thing that confused me about the last show though was the fact that Paris gave a BFF logo ring to Vanessa, which honestly I think should have been kept, and given to the winner, her new BFF Brittany. It just would have made more sense- like when Flav would give his new girl a set of gold teeth. Haha!
I think though the After Show was my favorite episode in the entire show.

On the After Show, Brittany and Paris are all snuggled up in a large bed with some of Paris' friends, and some of her family (sorry, no Nicole Richie here folks).

Here on the bed they all get to know Brittany, while telling funny stories from the past, and sharing little secrets that no one knew about one another.

Although the whole thing that took place on that bed was simply for show, it was still cute nonetheless.
Brittany is far from being rich like her new BFF, and being able to afford their outings was a concern for her. I too wonder how it will all play out, I can't see Brittany being able to afford to jump on a plane every time Paris calls to invite her somewhere. I hope it works out though, because the two seem to genuinely seem like they'd make great BFF's for one another.

I'm hoping that Brittany's career does take off, and that she gets all rock star famous and has no issues when it comes to money and keeping up with her new BFF. She truly seems like a sweet genuine person, that I think just about anyone would want to have as a best friend.

So kudos to Paris for picking Brittany. It was nice to see that Paris was able to weed out the phonies, wanna be's, and the stalker fans she had on her show.

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