Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Want Some Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes? Exchanging Friend Codes Made Easy!

I absolutely love Animal Crossing video games. In fact every title that has been released I have bee among the first in line to pick up my copy. I don't know what it is that keeps me coming back for more?

Perhaps it's the fact that my seasons change, my weather in my game matches with the weather I'm having in real life... or maybe I just enjoy the thrill of hunting and finding things.

Whatever the reason though, people flock to the game, and thousands and thousands of fans have picked up the most recent release for the Nintendo Wii.

When it came to Animal Crossing: City Folk, I was hoping they would release the game with the online aspect of the game changed.

I absolutely hated having to come online and exchange codes with people just to play in their towns, or have them come and visit mine. I was not the only one aggravated with the issue of having to come online to find people willing to share their friend code with me. Tons of players hated having to go online, seeing that it took away from actual gaming time.

The process was tedious and annoying. I hoped with all hopes that online play with Animal Crossing: City Folk would be easier, and that the whole friend code thing would be done away with. Fans have been begging for it since Wild World!

Unfortunately this is not the case with City Folk, and once again fans of the game have to take their hunt online to hope and find other players willing to exchange friend codes with.

It is relatively easy to find other players looking to exchange friend codes, but sometimes you'll leave your code on a forum or message board, and forget to check it daily to see if anyone has added you, or requested you to add them. It's annoying, but honestly it's the only choice gamers have for City Folk as of now.

Basically in order for the game to work online, you have to have a players town name, and their friend code, and they also have to have your town name and your friend code logged into their game, otherwise the meeting will never take place in the game.

Just copying someones friend code that you find online will not work. An exchange has to take place. Both parties must be aware that they have been added to someones in game address book.

I figured seeing that there are tons of folks looking to get together with other City Folk players, why not create my own little friend code exchange page.

You can leave your friend code, and towns name here on this site using the comment box. Be sure though to check back every now and then to see who had added you, and be sure to add them too. In no time you're town will be hopping with other players, and if you want, you can go visit their towns too!

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