Sunday, July 20, 2014

Please Give Us a Season 2 Of, Bite Me, with Dr. Mike!!!

This past June I came across one of the most charasmatic fellows I have ever seen on the Travel channel. Seriously, this guy had the charisma of Steve Erwin, and the energy of a bright and beautiful child.

His name?
Dr. Mike; and this June he had me captivated with his very first episode of, Bite Me, With Dr. Mike.
You see, what made him so spectacular, was that his adventures were fun, they didn't focus on Bizzare Foods or funny joke cracking guys trying to stuff burriots down their throats in under 2 hours.

Dr. Mike went 'down under', he took his viewers along with him on his travel adventures, and he was not afraid to get dirty...or even play host to worms! He gave us an up close and personal look at creatures, and countries many of us will never get the opportunity to visit.

Dr. Mike brought us tall around the globe, and taught us about some of the smaller creatures that usually go unnoticed, or unrecognized, while teaching us some safety measures to use if we ever were to visit some of the locations he ventured to.

Bite Me, With Dr. Mike was fun, adventurous, and energetic. He could seriously travel down into a sewer and I would still find it fascinating!

  UnfortunatelyI was not able to find any information on whether or not the Travel Channel would be giving him a season 2! I mean seriously how could they not? No show, and I mean no show, can come close to the personality and adventures that Dr. Mike's show brought to us.
So please give us a season 2 of Bite Me, With Dr. Mike! This was one of Travel Channels only shows that actually focused on 'travel', and adventure and lands many of us have never seen. We want more! The fans want more!

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