Friday, July 25, 2014

Recap of Wizards of Waverly Place, Season 1, Episode 5, Disenchanted Evening

Wizards Of Waverly Place is a cute new Disney series that involves 3 sibling's, all whom have magical wizard powers. In my opinion the show has been so far very cute modern day Sabrina the Teenage Witch- only it involves 4 wizards, Alex, Justin, and Max.

One of the most recent episodes I was able to catch this week on Disney was Episode 5, of Season 1; Disenchanted Evening.
In this particular episode Alex (the up and coming teen star Selena Gomez), discovers that another boy named TJ who is in her school is a wizard. When she catches him doing magic right out in the open at school she is intrigued, and wonders why his parents allow him to use magic whenever he wants, while hers does not allow her to do any magic unless it is during lessons.

TJ tells her that his parents let him do spells whenever he wants, and they never punish him for doing so. He then tells her that he can get her parents to think the same way if her parents met his parents.

Once at the home, TJ tells Alex his secret, that he has his parents under a charm, and this is why they let him do whatever he wants. Alex without barely any hesitation tells TJ to charm her parents as well.
TJ feeds them his magical charm cake/pie, and immediately Alex's parents are charmed, and now Alex, Max and Justin have the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want now that their parents let them do whatever they wish.

As with any show made for children, there is always a lesson to be learned when one breaks the rules. It does not take long for the children to land themselves into trouble, and when they need their parents help, they are still under the charm and do not assist in helping the kids.

Justin who is the older wizard in the bunch tries to discover a remedy to get rid of the charm his parents are under.

Without ruining the show, I will say that this particular episode (like every episode I have seen so far) was really cute, with comedy and flair; plus a lesson to be learned at the end.

Wizards Of Waverly Place in my opinion is a great series for young children, older children, teens, and adults alike. The series is easy to fall in love with, as are the characters.

This episode easily gets 9 stars out of 10 from me.

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