Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Review of Netflix DVD's by Mail Service

This past week I decided to finally dump Blockbuster online, and join the clan over at Netflix to see if their service would provide me with more than Blockbuster online had (well that, and I decided to join Netflix because Blockbuster changed their online total access policy without letting their members know).
I signed up to Netflix using in order to gain access to 1,000 MyPoints, if you are considering Netflix, I suggest you do the same in order to grab up a hefty amount of points for gift cards.

Anyhow, signing up included a 14 day free trial. That gave me a little time to decide whether or not I wanted to actually pay, or to cancel before any payments began.

The thing I did not like all too much was having to add my credit card information when I signed up for the free trial.

I would much rather have been sent an email after the trial ended, asking me if I'd like to continue. It is definitely something Netflix should consider for future users.

Anyhow, once I plugged in my credit card number I was now a member. It was really quite simple, and I absolutely loved how quick and responsive their site was. At Blockbuster Online I had freezes all of the time, and browsing through their library of movies was tedious.

On Netflix I was able to browse the site at lighting speeds, I was able to view plot descriptions just by hovering over the DVD case photo on the site, and I could easily add it to my Que to be sent to me.

I went with 2 DVD's out at a time, with unlimited use. This particular subscription also comes with movies to watch instantly on your XBOX360, Samsung Blu Ray player, Roku box, or on your PC.

I absolutely fell in love with the instant watch feature, so I ordered myself a Roku box in order to fully enjoy the streaming feature.

Movie Arrival Time:
I placed movies in my que on Wednesday, and they are here today. All in all it's about 2 days to get your DVD's in the mail, which is very fast compared to the 'other' company where it would take them anywhere from 3-7 days just to delete a returned movie from my que.

Now I have no had any issues with viewing movies on my PC, nor do I have any issues with the shipping times. I do however think that Netflix could totally improve their streaming library.

If there were more movies available to watch now, it would actually eliminate our needs to even have Cablevision.

Most of the movies Netflix has featured in their watch now sections are older movies. Newer flicks of course can be added to your DVD Que to be sent by mail; I would have loved new movies to be as streaming as well. In fact, I'd like to see Netflix do away with DVD by mail, and go completely streaming video; with the option for DVD of course for those who are not as electronic savvy.

Netflix is stating though that they plan to have an all streaming subscription in either the end of 2009, or 2010.

I hope they can whip this up sooner than later though.

Excellent speeds for delivery, lovely customer service, streaming videos, no LONG WAIT times on newly released DVDs, and their prices are simply unbeatable.

Truly, as soon as Netflix's streaming feature comes out, it will likely be the nail in Blockbusters coffin.

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