Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Love Money 2; Are Becky 'Buckwild' and Frank 'The Entertainer' Lovers? Maybe Not..

I have been keeping up with VH1's sleazy reality shows since they first began airing The Surreal Life.
I'm addicted to their shows, what can I say. My life is relatively boring, so I find entertainment through my tube. Don't act like you don't either!

Anyhow, I followed the stories of all of these reality stars. Becky Buckwild originally got casted off of Flavor of Love, and The Entertainer got booted from New York's world on I Love New York.

When the two were flopped into a large house for another round of I Love Money, I never even pictured the two becoming friends.

Yet for the past few weeks I have been catching these gross glimpses of Buckwild and The Entertainer getting all cozy cozy with one another.

It's quite clear by Becky's change in personality that she is head over heels in love with the mommas basement boy.

Becky threw a challenge at this weeks melting the ice competition on the show, and it appears that next week she will be doing the same lame retarded thing. I think it's just to impress The Entertainer. It's quite embarrassing though if you ask me. She is making herself look like a weak idiot.

At any rate, as much as I am NOT liking Becky on this show, I did adore her in the past on Charmed School, and Flavor of Love.

The Entertainer never stuck out as anything special, however with his non-stop appearances in spin-off shows he sort of grew on me.

When I saw a possible connection between him and Buckwild, I was pretty shocked. The Entertainer seems like the sort of guy who would go after the prom queen, or the beautiful blond busty bimbo. I never expected him to ever find attraction in Becky; who is pretty 'hood'.
I also never expected Becky to find him attractive. They both seem to be from two different worlds. Nonetheless though the two seem to have a connection, even though it is gross to have to watch on TV it is obvious.

Today while looking into this relationship further, I discovered an article regarding the two. I guess the relationship was over as quickly as it began, as the two seem to hate one another now.

You can read a fight the two had on Twitter by clicking here.
There is some pretty interesting conversation that was passed between the two that I think you should check out. At least for a laugh!

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