Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rock of Love Bus; Oh My God She Shoved What, Where!? Should Bret Give Any of These Girls a 'Shot'?

Have you ever seen those awesome shows that VH1 shows every year or so. The show is basically a bunch of clips that air as the best of reality TV. However when they say 'the best' they really mean to say 'the absolute oh my god I cannot believe that just happened' moments.

Rock of Love Bus is surely going to take the number 1 slot this year with the whole disgusting test tube shot scene that aired on the seasons premiere.

For those of you whom missed it, it is right now probably the most talked about reality show incident that has ever occurred.

The show is of course surrounded around Bret Michaels. He is once again looking for love (or sex?). The past 2 seasons was unsuccessful, so this season Bret decided to hit the road and take his lady contestants on tour with him.

During an after party one chick takes things a tad too far. WAY TOO FAR ACTUALLY!
This one girl Gia gave off a cute rocker chick vibe when I first saw her, however as the show progressed it became more and more apparent that this girl was a loose canon, and she did the unthinkable during this get together/party.

She gets up on a bar table, spreads her legs, and then she actually shoved a test tube shot up into her woman part.

In an interview by Gia later on, she states that she got a lot of 'fans from it'.
All in all I was throwing up in my mouth while watching what was unfolding. Although the cameras cut this particular scene, I'm sure there will be a 'never before seen' video with this scene in full blown view on the tape.

Although this one thinks she 'got a lot of fans from it', I'm sure she realizes that more folks were disgusted and shocked by her barn yard actions. It was a total unpredictable random act of nasty, and I could have done without the knowledge that some girl shoved a test tube shot up into her woman hole.

Gia states though that she cannot remember if she put it in there, or if Nikki, another contestant put it in there. Nikki was the one who kept pushing her legs open, so it's anyones guess because the angle does not show exactly what had happened.

At any rate though, Gia has earned herself the nickname pu**y shot. A name I'm sure she has to be embarrassed and ashamed of. I hope to God her parent's were not watching!

You can read the entire interview by clicking here

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