Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2009 Movie to Look Forward To: The Haunting in Connecticut Ray Garton Speaks Out About This Supposed 'True Story'

I'm sure many of you reading this has already caught the awesome documentary that aired on the Discovery Channel, "A Haunting in Connecticut". It was the series first airing of the show, and it started off with a bang. In my opinion "A Haunting in Connecticut" was by far the scariest and creepiest episode in the entire series.

It dealt with a family that moved into a large house in Connecticut in order to be closer to their oldest son's hospital where he was being treated for cancer. The home has a secret of its own; it was once a funeral house! Not long into living there their eldest becomes possessed, and evil spirits that lurk make the lives of the new family a living hell.

I know that my brief description does not do this one any justice, but if you are interested in learning more about this case, definitely check your local listings for when this particular episode will be aired. Also read this review here for a more in depth description of the documentary.

Anyhow, due to its popularity, the true story of the haunting that occurred is being made into an actual film. June 19th 2009 will be the date the flick gets released into theaters, and I recommend you don't miss it.

After learning about the new movie, I was intrigued to find out more about the case surrounding it though. Many of you who whole heartedly believed this story may want to check out what the author of the first book dealing with The Haunting in Connecticut has to say about this whole story.

It turns out that Ray Garton was brought to the home to meet the family, and he was to write a true story surrounding the haunts occurring at the home. Unfortunately though it turns out that most of what he wrote was completely fabricated, and that he was told to make the story scary, which he did!

His book is called In a Dark Place: The True Story of a Haunting.
You can read his entire letter here.

For even more details surrounding this case, I came across a particular blog that I was very impressed with. You can read it here.

In this blog you get to take a look at every detail surrounding this case, and how many believe it is based off of pure lies, and a sleazy attempt at making money.

In case you didn't know, Lorraine Warren has tight ties to this case, just as she did in the Amittyville horror case, which many people consider a complete hoax. Lorraine Warrens credibility has been publicized for years now, so you are free to come to your own conclusions.

At any rate though, I'm not here to judge, I'm just here to provide those that are curious a closer look at what this supposed 'haunting' may really be. (A money making strategy)
Regardless of whether everything is true or false, the movie that will be in theaters this June is sure to be entertaining nonetheless. So if you like a creepy tale, true or false, this one is sure to be a hit with fans of horror.

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