Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some of Our Favorite Girls from Flavor of Love on Myspace! Myspace Links to Favorite Flavor of Love Contestants

Flavor of Love was one of my all time favorite reality dating shows ever aired on VH1. Since the show, numerous shows such as Rock Of Love, A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, and I Love New York have all aired taking on the same agenda; stars who are close to being forgotten, take on new fame in the world of reality TV by looking for love in everyday people like you and I. None though have been as entertaining as the originator, Flavor of Love.
  We will all remember Pumkin for spitting on Miss New York on the Flavor of Love show. Odds are this spitting scene was the most popular and widely talked about episode on the show.

Gross if you ask me, but still a moment in reality TV history. Some of us love her, and some of us hate her. So why not go and tell her how you feel about her by tracking her down on Myspace?

You can visit Pumkin's Myspace page here.
We all know New York, she is probably the one and only shows contestant that actually managed to grab the hearts (or hate strings) of the masses so much that she was given her own show, I Love New York. She is also recently in a new reality show called New York Goes To Hollywood. An I Love New York 3 is even in the talks now that her and Tailor Made are broken up. To view New York's Myspace page, click here.
Supposedly New York's mom has a page as well.

We also have to mention Goldie! Who on earth can forget about Goldie!? We all loved Goldie, and likely she would of made an excellent girlfriend for Flav, even if that meant just staying friends with him. To add Goldie to your myspace buddy's click here to go to her page.

Then we had that other chick who thought she could sing. You know, the one who belted out a new vocal whenever Flav came into the room? To visit Krazy's page, click here. You can even listen to one of her songs.

Can't forget about our ghetto fabulous Buckwild now can we? To visit Buckwild's Myspace page, click here!

Do you remember Hottie? She is the wannabe fabulous girl who tried cooking a chicken in a microwave! Visit Hottie's page by clicking here.
Hoopz was the winner in season 1 of Flavor of Love, and recently she was recently asked for her hand in marriage by Real, a contestant on I Love New York's show. The two made friends on the new I Love Money show, which is still airing on VH1. For Hoopz Myspace page, click here.
Anyone remember Deelishis? You can find her Myspace page here. Or hey how about, Like Dat? She was probably one of my favorite contestants on season 2 with her long speeches that came out in sentences you barely could understand at times. She was so kind and bubbly though, you couldn't not love her! Click here for Like Dat's page.

Last but not least, Flav's page! How can we discuss the girls of Flavor of Love, without adding the one and only Flav!? Click here for his page.

There are more girls from the hit reality show that are on Myspace, but these particular girls were the one's who personally stood out most in my opinion. Add them as your friends to get updates, bulletins, or even blogs.

Flavor Flav!!!!

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