Monday, July 21, 2014

Stunning Styles for Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair alone is a stunning style. Some of you are blessed with long straight locks, while others achieve the waterfall glass look with a hair straightener; either way, natural or styled long straight hair is always a top favorite. But sometimes styling your long locks in other flattering ways is just as beautiful.

Curling long straight hair adds body, and beauty! When you have long straight hair naturally curling hair with a curling iron is sometimes a little difficult, due to the fact that curls will sometimes just slip right apart at the first sign of humidity.

You can ensure long lasting curls by styling your hair with some hair gel. You first have to shower, and towel dry your hair. While it is still damp, simply take a very fair amount of hair gel to your hair, and saturate it. Depending on the length of your locks, you may have to use half a bottle.

LA Looks is one of my top picks due to the fact that it does not leave hair feeling stiff, nor will it leave behind white flakes when your hair dries.

After you apply the hair gel, you simply scrunch your hair from the to your scalp. You will be creating the curls by scrunching. Adding a bit of non aerosol hair spray also helps ensure that he curls will be very long lasting. It also helps tame frizz.

Once you are done scrunching, simply allow your hair to air dry. The result is soft to the touch curls. On long hair this looks really spectacular due to the length and extra body.

Besides adding curls, those with really long hair have an extreme advantage when it comes to adding different styles to the hair. You can wear the hair half up in a unique twist bun, and let the rest of the hair fall down naturally to the back of your head. The result is flattering and it keeps hair out of your face on hotter days.

For formal events, you also have the advantage of adding a really thick and luscious updo to your ensemble, as seen here.

More trendy styles for long hair include the very flattering, and very beautiful long bang cut. If you have really long hair, you should consider possibly cutting some long bangs.

Those with longer faces look extremely retro with the cut. Those with shorter faces, or more round faces like Cristina Ricci should pass up on long bangs however, as it tends to shrink the appearance of the face, as seen here.
Another trendy style for those with very long hair would be layered hair! Those with very long hair must add layers in order to add body, and style. Not only have layers been a must have look, they are also really flattering vs those with their hair set at one length.

Look at how gorgeous Lauren Conrad is with layered hair.

Regardless of how you wear it though, long straight hair has been the must have look for quite some time now. The most flattering look in my opinion has got to be long straight hair in its natural state.

Adding some high beam glosser to your pin straight locks will allow it to shine like no other, giving it a beautiful waterfall like mirror shine.

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