Monday, July 21, 2014

Hottest Celebrities with Medium Length Hair

We usually remember celebrities by their hair color, or when they get an extremely out there hair cut or hair color. We tend to remember celebrities with very long hair, and very short hair. What about the celebs with medium length hair though? They tend to fade out in our minds.

I decided to compile a list of the hottest celebrity medium length hair styles. Besides, most women have medium length hair!

1. Lo Bosworth
This glamorous gal tends to take stand in the shadows of her BFF Lauren Conrad on the show The Hills. However she usually always has her hair looking fantastic. Her hair goes from medium length to long, but for the most part we see Lo with medium length hair at all times. She either curls it, or leaves it straight. Either way, it always looks flawless. Click to view.
2. Heidi Montag
Yes, yes, I am on The Hills hair obsession right now.

Although Heidi tends to have long thick hair at times, it looks like a weave. More often than not, we see Heidi sporting mid-length bright blond hair. Although it is over the top bleach blond, she still knows how to style her hair, and it always is styled perfectly.

3. Ashley Olsen
Yeah, we have nearly forgotten about the Full House stars, so I figured I would resurrect the Olsen name, due to the fact that Ashley Olsen always has a mid-length hair style. For me, she looks best when she feathers out her layers, as seen here.
4. Jennifer Aniston
Yes we miss her pin straight mega long locks, but Jen knows how to rock any hair style, or length. She looks particularly gorgeous in this photo sporting shorter than average hair.

5. Megan Fox
Okay, so maybe this photo is not her hottest. Megan tends to look best with long pin straight hair, but since she is the hottest celebrity right now, I figured I'd include this photo of her sporting much shorter mid-length hair.

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