Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Best Products for Gorgeous, Tousled Hairstyles Tousled Hair Does Not Have to Mean Messy Hair

Some women (and yes, some men) know the secret to beautiful looking tousled hair; others unfortunately think that spraying in a gob of hair spray, or adding globs of gel to their hair makes for nice looking tousles.

Getting hair tousled without it looking like a hot mess is a heck of a lot easier than some of you may think. Many people get tousled confused with messy, and there is definitely a difference.

I personally do not have to work at getting tousled hair, because my hair is naturally thick and wavy. Just adding some wax to my hair, and the look is pretty complete, with little to no effort.

Those with naturally pin straight hair though have a more difficult time, because it is hard to get the straight hair to manipulate into a tousled look, without it falling flat by mid-afternoon.

One product though that will work wonders for those with hard to work with pin straight hair is, Artec Kiwi Manipulating Wax. Although a 3 ounce bottle of this wax will cost anywhere from $16.00-$25.00, it is by far the best manipulating wax available.

This wax will hold hair in place all day long, and will not flatten out. It gives you a rock hard hold, and it makes tousling hair a breeze.

You simply add a little of it to dry hair, and go to work. For a neat looking tousled look, you simply add some of the wax, and flip your hair all around. I usually do this by bending, then shaking my head back and forth and every other direction.

The strands that have wax in them will catch other hairs, which in turn results to thicker looking tousled hair, without it looking like a mess.

Once you have thicker strands of tousled hair, you then can press down any loose hair that may look frizzy.

Honestly, this is the simplest and easiest way to get nice tousled hair.

This wax will also work great for those with straight, short hair.

FX Molding Wax is also another excellent manipulating wax. Although those with pin straight hair won't find it as effective, those with thicker hair will love this one, because it makes getting a tousled look less expensive. The hold is not as strong as the Artex Wax, but those with thick hair will not need such a strong hold. Our hair is naturally prone to being easier to manipulate, so the hair itself does most of the work. The FX wax will make it easier.

One word to the wise: skip out on adding any hair spray after adding the manipulating wax. Hair spray may add excessive knots, and leave hair looking terrible. Stick with just the wax, and you will have a nice, neat tousled look.

You can get soft tousled hair for free by simply braiding a few random medium sized braids in your wet hair before going to bed. In the morning when you undo the braids, add a couple shots of maximum hair spray to your hair to keep the waved strands together.

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