Sunday, July 20, 2014

The City, Season 2, Episode 6 Recap Weekend at Freddie's

This week on The City, Season 2, Episode 6 : Weekend At Freddie's we watch as Whitney mentions being invited to Long Island for the weekend. Roxy seems excited up until she learns that Sammy (Whitney's gal pal from season 1) will also be coming.

Whitney asks her if that is a bad thing (regarding Sam). Roxy turns things around by saying that it seems like Sam does not like her, and that she seems to always be competing for Whitney's attention.

Nothing of interest happens in the very beginning, up until the girls are all heading out to LI. Sam is driving, Whitney in the front seat next to her, and Roxy obnoxiously acting like an out of control fool in the back seat.

You can tell immediately that Sam is annoyed with Roxy's antics, and non-stop intruding questions. I personally would have pulled over and threw her out of my car for acting that way. The girl just reminds me of a real life Poison Ivy.

While driving Roxy is singing, and then goes as far as sticking her head out of Sam's sunroof to act like she is some sort of celebrity. I like Roxy though, she is not like anyone else on The City, she has that dark Angelina Jolie/Alyssa Milano edge to her that makes her oh-so-enticing, and a bit dangerous.

Anyhow, there destination is Frankie's parents house in East Hampton. I know the area quite well, so it was neat to see that Whitney Port was stomping around on my stomping grounds.

If you have not been following, Frankie is Whitney's new 'sort of boyfriend'. Their official title though was never mentioned. To me Frankie looks like a 40 year old, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why our fair lady Whitney was even giving him the time of day.

Anyhow, the girls all get cozy in the house, and greet Frankie and his little brother. Roxy is being a little invasive as usual, and you can tell Sam is beyond annoyed with her at this point. Frankie also does not seem to like her all too much, but he keeps his polite fake stature on.

While in the house they discuss the plans for tonight, and Frankie mentions going to a club, and then an after party back at the house.

Fast forward to the party where everyone is dancing, and Frankie is sweating like a fat guy in the Caribbean. Not much is heard due to the noise at the club, but we watch as Frankie's little brother leans in to kiss Whitney. Whitney is taken by surprise, but really does not seem all too bothered by the kiss.

Frankie goes up to his brother and tells him to stay away from his girl, and to stop dancing with her.

This clearly annoys him, so he meanders back over to Whitney to let her know that Frankie has a girlfriend.

Whitney leaves, goes back to Frankie's, and sleeps the night away with her posse.

The next day, Whitney and the girls are all gathered around Frankie's pool, and Whitney does not immediately confront Frankie, which is just weird. I mean I would have slapped him across the face that same night at the club. Why she didn't say anything then still is mind boggling to me.

Since Whitney won't speak up, Roxy speaks up and confronts Frankie about the girlfriend situation. He does not deny it, and Roxy makes the mistake of saying that, 'Whitney never stands up for herself, so I will stand up for her!'

This bothers Whitney, and she says 'she does not need a mouth piece'.

I disagree though, because she didn't say a damn thing to Frankie about his girlfriend.

Whitney leaves, Roxy follows, as well as Sam. Frankie is left behind looking like a moron.

This particular episode was not spectacular, nor was it horrible. It did however give us a better outlook on where the relationship with Roxy and Whitney are headed, and its not good. Whitney seems annoyed by Roxy, Sam cannot stand her, and looking at next weeks episode, Roxy could cost Whitney her job.

Like her boss Kelly has said before, Roxy is no good for Whitney. Why she never took her advice is mind boggling. Clearly Roxy does not have Whitney's best interest at mind.

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