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The Hills, Season 6, Episode 6 Recap The Hills, 'I'm Done with You' Recap

Today we are discussing what happened in last nights episode of The Hills, which aired on November 3rd, 2009. Season 6, titled 'I'm Done With You'.
This episode featured a much more frisky side of Audrina Patridge, but at the same time it made viewers who adored her see a very nasty side of her.

Anyhow, I will fill you in on the meow, kitty fight a bit later.

We learn that it is Heidi's birthday, and for her birthday, she wants Spencer to throw her a party.
This is where MTV's drama moments occur, because naturally Kristen is invited, as well as Audrina, and if you have been following than you already know that Lil' Miss Cavallari has managed to charm Justin into sort of, but not really dating. Their relationship is an open relationship, meaning there were no strings attached, but as it turns out Kristen likes him a bit more than he likes her. The vibe is clear...Justin could care less.

Kristen lets Justin know about the party, and asks if he is going. He says no, and tries to tell her not to go, without technically saying 'don't go'. Basically the scruff-o-luff-o-gus didn't want Kristen to go, because he knows Audrina will be there, and knows that likely Kristen will find out about his sweet little meeting with Audrina, that we all saw on last weeks episode.

Anyhow, there is nothing really else worth mentioning, so let us fast forward to Heidi's birthday party.
Kristen is there and tries to flirt it up with Brody now that she knows that he and Jade are on a break. The flirting was casual but still note worthy.

Next thing we know Audrina and Stephanie walk into the room. Stephanie greets the others, and Audrina sort of fades away from Kristen. She goes outside where she has a micro conversation with Brody about the type of person she thinks Kristen is.

'A girl who jumps from guy to guy' type of deal is how Audrina sees it.

Brody tries being the humble middle man by telling her she should talk to Kristen, but clearly Audrina is not quite feeling it.

Brody then goes inside, where Kristen boldly asks him what he was talking about with Audrina outside. Brody tells her that she should go talk to Audrina to air things out and just talk things over.

Kristen approaches Audrina and seems to really want to smooth things over. In all honesty I would usually take Audrina's side, but by the way she acted towards Kristen was just ridiculous, and uncalled for.

Kristen is attempting to be nice, and Audrina just snaps up into mega nasty mean girl mode, and then attempts to immaturely rub in Kristen's face that Justin was hanging out with her last week. God Audrina that was lame! 

Kristen attempted to have a conversation, and clearly had no ill intentions behind it.

The two could have talked things over like mature adults, but Audrina is still mentally stuck in the 5th this week I'm on Team Kristen.
Now fast forward to the next day where we see Kristen having a chat with the bar girl Stacie about the events that unfolded the night before. Kristen however could care less about it, because with the news that Justin was seeing Audrina...she is over him, and over his game, and will likely try and move on to Brody.

Next scene we watch as Kristen basically dumps Justin. The player got played, and he looked like an idiot after Kristen so casually said 'I'm done with you', and walked away.

Next weeks episode looked like the sweetest episode the entire season will likely offer us. Kristen takes on Brody, and with Brody comes Jade. It seems like the two have a little meow, meow kitty fight at some club/bar. Hahaha! Oh the joys of immaturity.

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