Sunday, July 20, 2014

The City, Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

This week on The City, Season 2, Episode 7 we watch as Roxy nearly nails a permanent nail into Whitney's career coffin.

We start off with the girls in a meeting being told by their boss Kelly. While one of the other workers is giving a verbal explanation of what's going to be happening, Roxy whispers to someone to ask for a pen. Kelly is furious by this and calls her out on it.

Next Kelly talks about an upcoming event that will be taking place in Miami. Kelly tells Whitney that she wants her to come along to Miami for the event, and mentions her clothing line. The girl sitting next to Kelly seems less than enthusiastic, while Whitney beams at the opportunity.

Kelly sees that Roxy looks bummed out that Whitney is going, and she is not. Kelly tells Roxy that she too can join in for the event, and that it will be good training for her. Roxy and Whitney smile like giddy schoolgirls.

Kelly lets them all know though that they are there to work, and not to party and to not put anything on the room charge because she is not paying the bill.

Next we watch as the girls arrive to their hotel room, which is a beautiful room with a killer view of Miami Beach. Immediately we see that Whitney wants to do things the way they are supposed to be done, while Roxy insists they go lay on the beach.

Whitney tells her they are there to work, and that they should eat something outside of the room, so that way the room is not charged. Roxy pouts.

Next we fast forward to Olivia whom is also scheduled to fly down to Miami to cover the events for Elle and bring back any and all information she can about what is in, fashion, and whatever else she does? Naturally she is paired with Erin who completely hates her existence.

Erin is snide to Olivia on the plane, and mentions the numerous trade shows and asks her if she is going to any of them. Olivia tells her no, and that she is covering everything she has on her list. Basically it was Erin's silent way of telling Olivia to go to the trade shows, without telling her. It honestly was obvious, but Olivia did not catch on, and Erin was not about to force her to go.

Skip ahead to Whitney and Roxy at a night club in Miami. The camera oddly displays some weird sweaty guy bobbing his head like a moron too quickly to the music playing. Turns out Whitney knew this character, so the extra footage was necessary...I guess?
Roxy immediately steals the attention of this guy, while Whitney excuses herself to go to the bathroom. The sweaty drunk guy puts some lame moves on Roxy, and she bites them up like bait and asks him if he wants to go somewhere else. Ew.

Whitney comes out of the bathroom to discover that Roxy left.

We also learn that Roxy never came back to the hotel room, because the two meet up the following day at the big event and have a micro verbal spat. It was a bunch of, where were you? I called you, you never answered. Followed by lies told by Roxy.

It seemed like the beginning of the end of their friendship. Thank God.

Just as the argument is going on Kelly comes up to both of them and interrupts them. She tells them that there is a million things that need to get done, and that they should not be just standing around wasting time, in a much meaner way of course. Haha!

Whitney looks furious with Roxy, and Roxy still has that 'whatever, I think I'm a star' demeanor.
Thankfully the event went well, and Kelly seems happy with how it turned out.

Back at the office Whitney and Roxy are sitting near one another when Kelly walks in to basically tell them that what they did at the event was unacceptable, embarrassing, and if it happens again they can get another job.

Idiotic Roxy mutters to Whitney, 'She didn't have one nice thing to say!'
Kelly overhears her and begins to yell at them once again. Kelly once again lets Whitney know that perhaps being friends at work, and outside of work is probably not a good idea for her career. She tells it to both of them, but we all know that statement was meant for Whit.

Whitney sits there with her head down.

Roxy has to again have the final word, as she whispers under her breath, 'Somebody's got PMS.'
Back to Olivia.
After the events are done, we watch as Olivia and Erin sit down with their boss Joe, and a few others to report exactly what they saw at these events.

Erin tells him that everything went smoothly, and perfectly.

Joe moves on to Olivia to ask her what she saw at the events, and what she has to report back to him. Olivia lets him know about the modern futuristic look, and that one pieces seemed to be really in for the season. Joe then asks her about the trade shows.

Olivia is stumped because she was not aware she was supposed to go. Erin jumps in to tell Joe that she asked her if she was going to them, and she kept saying no. Olivia tells Joe that she never told her she 'had' to go to them. Erin basically tries to embarrass Olivia in front of Joe, and the other clients that were there. After the others leave, Joe has a quick meet with both girls.

He takes Olivia's side this round once again, and tells Erin he does not like the bickering, and that the two should be working together to make work on both of them easier. That Erin should have told Olivia to go to the trade shows.

Olivia smiles like she just won an Olympic gold medal, and says that she would love help from Erin.
We all know Olivia is full of it. Haha, but it was still fun to watch her smile like she really meant it.
We pretty much end it there.

MTV's sneak peek into next weeks episode shows Whitney mentioning a blind date, and it seems that her and Roxy are on good terms. I figured Whitney would have kicked her out by now, but I guess not.
We also see Erin once again complaining to Joe about Olivia, on how she should not have to hold Olivia's hand, because no one held hers when she started working. Erin is just holding that grudge when Olivia told her off. Erin deserved it though, because when she first was introduced to Olivia by Joe, Erin came off as a real crass and nasty person, who thought she owned the place.

Once again I'm still with Team Olivia this week.

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