Sunday, July 20, 2014

The City, Season 2 Finale Recap

Last night fans of The Hills, and The City sat down to watch the season finales. Although I love The Hills, this season just didn't do it for me. The plot of the show seemed staged, what went down seemed staged, and the authenticity of the show has vanished.

The City however has managed to keep me interested week after week, and season 2 was no exception.
In the season finale of The City, we watch as Whitney attempts to present her clothing line to potential buyers of her collection.

Kelly (her boss) recommends that she do her presentation without Roxy there. When Whitney tells Roxy that Kelly said she did not want Roxy there, Roxy marches her rear end into Kelly's office to discuss why she thinks she should not be there with Whitney.

Kelly gives her opinion, which made sense, however Roxy thinks she is more than qualified to go. Kelly tells her she is done with it, and that Whitney is a big girl, and if she wants you there, she can take you.

Moving on to the Olivia and Erin drama.

Erin still clearly hates Olivia's guts, and the whole ordeal is just getting draining, and making Erin look like a jealous idiot.

We begin with one of the employees from Elle, who works with Olivia at times to pull looks at stores. The girl is putting together clothes, when Erin walks in. She asks Erin what happened to the looks that her and Olivia had pulled. Erin says that what Olivia pulled didn't work, and that she had to go and pick the outfits herself.

The girl seems miffed, and asks Erin if Olivia knows that she did that. Erin's says she does not care, or something vague and snotty along that line.

Apparently the clothes were to be used on a TV segment.

Joe, was the one who was going to be on air for the shoot. He however knows nothing about the clothes, or where they came from. He asks Olivia about them, but she does not know because Erin did not use any of her clothes, and that everything on the set was pulled by Erin.

Joe is furious, and honestly the clothes Erin picked were horrendous. The moo-moo blue dress Erin!? Really?!
Joe asks Olivia to find Erin, but she is nowhere to be found until after the horrible live TV sit down.
Erin eventually begins telling Joe that its Olivia's fault for not finding out about the clothes, that she had 3 hours to figure it out, and instead she sat on her butt. Erin insists that Olivia needs to be fired over the whole thing. In reality, Erin is the one who should have been fired. If she picked the looks, she should have informed Joe. Instead she chose to vanish, putting her own bosses reputation on the line.

The girls and Joe have a meet in his office, and Erin says she cannot work with Olivia and Olivia cannot work with Erin. Joe is left not knowing what to do. Erin leaves the office like a baby, while Olivia sits there listening to what Joe has to say.

Nothing is really accomplished, and we are left not knowing what goes on.

Anyhow, back to Whitney and Roxy.

Whitney obviously decided to bring Roxy along for some help during her meet with potential buyers of her clothing collection. While setting up, she gets a call from Kelly that she will not be able to make it, so she will have to present the line herself.

Whitney is nervous, but I think it was a good thing that Kelly pulled the crutches out from under Whitney's arms. Ever since Roxy got into town, we got to see a much more insecure Whitney, which is weird. Normally she is in control of every aspect of her life, but since Roxy got to town, Whitney seems more and more like a little push over.

During the meeting, the clients did not really like much of anything Whitney presented to them. They did however offer insightful feedback for Whitney to improve her line.

One of the clients asked Whitney if she had her piece in black. Whitney says that no one wears black in LA, so she did not have it in black. Roxy jumps in and says, 'I wear black in LA'.

I mean seriously, that should have been a red flag for Whitney. Whitney raises her eyebrow, but does not do anything about it, or confront Roxy afterward. It was clear that Roxy wanted to get noticed, which is annoying considering that the meeting was Whitney's, and not hers.

Anyhow, we leave off with Whitney meeting with Kelly to go over the future of her clothing line. Kelly says she will back her up 100%, and go down with her if it fails.

All in all I was disappointed in this seasons finale. Last season ended off perfectly, with no need for a second season. This season however ends off on one of those, to be continued...notes. No one knows whats going on with Whitney, or Olivia.

Hopefully if there is a season 3, it will answer some questions.

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