Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Hills Season 6 Finale Recap

Last night America got one last 30 minute airing of The Hills, season 6. Although season 6 seemed rather short, it followed a pretty obvious plot.

Without going over that entire plot, I'm going to focus today on the final airing.

We learn that Kristen has to leave her lovely beach house...or I should say house that MTV rented for her. It's never really mentioned where she will go from here, which was annoying. Knowing where she was heading would have been nice.

Justin comes over and they sit outside in beach chairs and discuss where they will go from here. Justin obviously wants to continue to see her, while Kristen plays the same bad girl... I'm so not into relationship's card.
I laughed a little, because it looked like Justin was going to cry. He plops on his shades, and tells her to figure things out. I pretty much loved the rejection, because it's all Justin has ever given to Audrina.
Anyhow, over to Spencer and Heidi.

Spencer finds a pregnancy test in the garbage, and confronts Heidi about it later on in the show. All is well though, because she is not pregnant, and Spencer is finally on board with doing the things his wife wants to do. For the first time ever I really, really loved a scene Spencer was in. It just made him seem more mature, grown up, and manly. A sensitive side of Spencer....and hate him all you want. He can be a sweetheart, and that scene showed that side that Heidi obviously has seen all these years, that MTV edited out.

Now fast forward to the entire engagement party (if thats what it was), that was being thrown for Brody's friend Sleazy T, aka Taylor.

Brody is at the event, dressed in casual wear, (yeah, I was confused by that?) and Jayde is with him. The two apparently reconciled and are back together.

Jayde however gets the idea in her head that it is time that her and Brody take their relationship to the next level. Now keep in mind, the two just broke up, and then hooked back up...why she wants to solidify something that's so unraveled is beyond me.

It aggravates Brody, and later on you see him talking with his pals about leaving Jayde, because her pressuring him into an engagement/marriage didn't fly over with him all too well. He then mentions that he still has feeling for Kristen.

Wow, I wonder how LC felt after watching this!?

Now we will skip on over to Audrina and Lo.

Audrina mentions that she set up a little meeting with Justin to talk. To me it seemed like a pathetic move, but low and behold the meeting happens.

They meet up on some bridge where Justin is staring out at the ocean look like a melancholy James Dean.

Audrina walks up to him, and quickly the entire scene turns into an emotional little train wreck. Audrina clearly still loves him, but Justin plays the whole 'we were never together' card, to make it seem like he never cared about her, and that she was delusional for thinking they were a 'thing'.

However if we fast forward a few episodes, you clearly see this modern day Don Juan reeling Audrina in on his imaginary fishing pole with the fantastic line 'No one will ever be as good as Audrina Patridge' spiel. He knew the line would work, and Audrina promised she would not see Derek anymore.

It's pretty clear Justin knows exactly how to win girls over. He uses a soft voice, with a deep soul-full tone.

Audrina eventually ends up calling him selfish, self centered, and wishes that he could fall in love one day, so maybe he would feel something.

She walks away, and wishes him well.

The final scene we get is Justin walking into Kristen's place while she is packing her things. They go outside to talk, and Justin feeds her his Don Juan lines, and she eats them up. The two leave off apparently in some sort of relationship.

There we have it folks. The grand finale in The Hills.

Pivotal moments include:
1. Spencer is on board for having a baby with Heidi

2. Brody thinks he is going to leave Jayde for good (again)

3. Brody may still have feelings for Kristen

4. Justin and Audrina are done... for now?

5. Kristen and Justin are now a couple

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