Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Goonies: What Ever Happened to the Guy Who Played Sloth?

The Goonies is probably my all time favorite movies. I was captivated by the thought of finding an abandoned pirate ship as a kid, captivated by the fact that wishing wells could lead to a magical world of gold, pirate skeletons, boobie traps and adventure beyond the imaginations stretch. 

 I also recalled wishing that Chunk would let me play with his newest friend Sloth.

Everyone remembers Sloth right?
Sloth was the giant deformed brother of the criminal Fratellis family, whom was locked up in their restaurant basement. Befriended by Chunk when he slipped him his Baby Ruth candy bar. 'Ru-Ru-th-Ruth'...
Today I got to thinking about Sloth. As a kid I had no clue he was anything more than what his character was. A deformed man, just as real as you or I. I had no idea that Sloth was actually a person wearing a costume. As children we tend to believe what we see on TV, and we tend to believe that what we are seeing is the truth, not just a film or a script, but an honest to God event that took place.

The Goonies was no exception, and neither was the deformed lovable Sloth. I thought it was all real, right down to One Eyed Willie's pirate ship still roaming freely in the ocean. I imagined one day I would find it. Scoop up the treasures the Goonies left behind; become rich, famous, and adored by all.

Naturally as an adult, I know that The Goonies is nothing more than an excellent classical film; the characters all nothing more than awesome actors. It's still nice to imagine that One Eyed Willie's ship was still out there though.
I decided to go on the hunt for Sloth. I figured since One Eyed Willie's pirate ship was not going to be discovered by me sailing in the ocean blue, that I could at least find who played Sloth. A more realistic goal if you will.

I figured whomever he was, likely he played in other movies, or perhaps he retired rich and famous after The Goonies success.

Unfortunately my findings led me to information I wish I didn't find.

So brace yourself Goonie fans...

The Sloth, was played by John Daniel Matuszak. Unfortunately John Daniel Matuszak died in 1989 due to heart failure that was led on by taking steroids.

Besides his role as Sloth in The Goonies, John Daniel Matuszak is well known for being a Football Player for the Oakland Raiders. He is also well known for playing in other hit movies, and you can find all of the movies he starred in my looking him up on Wikipedia.

Anyhow, there it is folks, the guy who played the lovable Sloth is deceased.

October 25th 1950-June 17th 1989. May he forever be remembered.

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