Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tutorial: How to Get the Golden Axe in Animal Crossing: City Folk

I've been playing Animal Crossing's newest release for a good few months now. The game is very similar to the last release on the Gamecube, however, Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii has a few new secrets that the last game did not have.

The Golden Axe for instance is an axe that does not break, making it all the more desirable. Besides being indestructible, the Golden Axe is something that every gamer who plays Animal Crossing: City Folk wants to obtain for bragging rights.

Unlike the Golden Shovel (which is really easy to get), the Golden Axe is much harder to obtain because it requires a hell of a truck load of bells (money).

The first thing you need to do in order to even get close to obtaining the infamous Golden Axe is donating bells to the town.

You must donate 200,000 bells in order to have a bridge built in your town.

The next morning when you play your game, the bridge will be built in your town. You can then go back to Town Hall, and donate another 400,000 bells in order to get the fountain built in town.

(Donate funds to the town by visiting the ATM machine in the Town Hall).
Once you have donated the money, the next day a fountain will resurrect in your town.

You simply need to have an axe, which you buy at Nook's. Go up to the fountain and throw your axe into the fountain.

A rabbit like creature will appear, and ask you a few random questions. There are no right or wrong answers, as everything is completely random.

Getting this animal to give you a golden axe is also random. Sometimes he will take your axe and give you nothing in return, and other times he will give you a golden colored, or a silver colored axe.

Getting the golden axe is pretty random, but if you visit the fountain enough times and chuck in your regular axe, odds are eventually you will be granted the golden axe.

The thing about the fountain is that you can only throw your axe into it once a day. If you fail to get a silver or golden axe, visit the fountain the next day, or change your towns clock ahead one day for faster results.

Getting the golden axe is the easy part, having enough funds to have the necessary fountain built is the more difficult long term task.

At any rate, obtaining it will just take some time, and a little effort. If you are a fan of the game, getting that many bells shouldn't be all that difficult.

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