Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Hills Season 5 Recap! Spencer is a Bad, Bad, Boy!!!!

Oh no he did not!!!!

Last night America watched as the gals from Laguna Beach made their debut in season 5 of The Hills last night!

However things went down in the season premier that I was not expecting!

Last night we were graced by 2 back to back episodes of the premier, and frankly it could not have started off any better!

Laurens gal pals Audrina and Lo worked pretty hard at throwing her a surprise party on a boat. Naturally Spencer's little sister Stephanie got an invite and told Heidi about it.

Stephanie tells Heidi that it should be fine if Heidi decides to tag along to the party; especially seeing that Lauren and Heidi are on somewhat cordial terms.

Lauren is pretty surprised when Stephanie totes Heidi along with her to 'her' birthday party. The whole thing was pretty immature, and frankly I think it is about time Lauren 'gets over it'. It's pretty clear that Heidi is genuinely sorry for the sex tape rumor that went around a few years ago. Lauren however looks a little aggravated that Heidi is there.

Anyhow, while Heidi attempts to break the tensions Spencer is out at some bar with his friends. Like the sleaze he is, we witness Spencer hitting on some trashy looking old lady bartender.

Ah, but we have a snitch hiding out in the background. Remember Stephanie's boyfriend from season 4? The two are broken up now, but I guess have remained friendly.

Well he happens to be at the same bar at the same time Spencer is trying to put the moves on this old looking bar lady.

He takes it upon himself to send Stephanie a text letting her know that her brother is trying to pick up the bartender.

Stephanie of course passes the message over to Heidi.

Heidi has a bit of a melt down, and confides in Lauren, where the two share some words, some tears, and some laughter. It was a really nice moment, and the scene became one of my favorite Lauren and Heidi moments.

Heidi decides top call Spencer up and call him out on the whole situation while he is still at the bar.
Once he hangs up with speaking with Heidi, he makes his way over to Steph's ex, and tries to get all froggy on him.

After a few stupid words, Spencer takes 5 swings at the guy and busts his chin open. It was seriously a WOW moment because I was not at all expecting liddle 'ole Spencer to be able to rough that dude up. It was actually pretty funny, the other guy didn't even TRY to hit him back (I think for good reasons....can someone say LAWSUIT?).
So after getting his chin mashed up like spaghetti sauce, he then texts Stephanie AGAIN to tell her Spencer just hit him for no reason. Frankly he was right, Spencer only went at him for spilling the truth, which was bound to come out anyway. I mean hello... see the cameras?!

Heidi gets the news of the fight. The next day we are taken to morning when Heidi decides to go to the bar and ask the old maid if Spencer was in their hitting on her.

The girl admits that Spencer was behaving disrespectfully, and takes Heidi's side in the ordeal.
Man what a two face!!! (Details further in article)

Heidi then goes home, where she confronts Spencer whom acts like he is innocent, and that Steph's ex boyfriend made the rumor up. Heidi however knows the truth, and lets Spencer know she went down to talk to the bartender.

Not many words are exchanged, and Heidi packs up some things and heads home to Colorado to spend some time away from Spencer and to see her parents.

While in Colorado, her mom tries setting her up with her first boyfriend Colby, whom she thinks would be good with Heidi. It was really a desperate move, but I totally understand where her mom is coming from.

Meanwhile back home in LA Lauren confronts Stephanie for allowing Heidi to tag along. Stephanie is pretty much confused at her attitude, and does not understand why Lauren cannot get along with Heidi; that it is not fair to close Heidi out based off of whom she is dating, that Heidi is her own person, and that she misses Lauren.

Lauren though being the grudge holder (like me) tells Stephanie to stop pushing a friendship with Heidi on her.

Honestly it was pretty odd seeing that things looked like they were relatively patched up between her and Heidi on the boat during Laurens party.

At any rate, it made Lauren look a little childish, but it is what it is right?

Anyhow, while Heidi is gone Spencer decides to yet again go to the bar to have words with the bar lady. This time she flips around her oh so nice personality that she presented to Heidi, and tells Spencer that his girlfriend is crazy.

What a two face. At any rate, I'm glad for it because Spencer and this broad seem to be a pretty perfect match. Hahah!!! I hope it all works out for them, seriously I do. I hope this grub becomes Heidi's ticket out of the tainted relationship she is in.

All in all these 2 season premieres get solid 5 star ratings from me!

The season looks like it is going to be a killer season, and the looks of the coming attractions it seems that Spencer may be out of Heidi's life before the season even ends, and little miss bar maid seems like shes going to play a huge role in the final nail in the Spencer Heidi saga.

Although I find the bar maid to be repulsive, I'm glad she's the one who will take on Heidi's leftover baggage

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