Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Love Money 2, Becky Buckwild Finally Gets Sent Packing

It was a pretty interesting week for I Love Money 2, just last week I was genuinely rooting for Tailor Made and his pose' to send some of the less favorable home.

Tailor Made's alliance though gained power over the house and as soon as Frank The Entertainer was sent home, his entire alliance went down the tubes, and it all started with getting him out of the house.

I figured though his alliance left behind would be able to pick up the pieces and work on building up a newer alliance; sadly for them they stood rooted to their failing alliance and since Frank's departure, it's done nothing but crumbled.

With Tailor Made's alliance taking in every challenge win, and sending team mates from the other alliance home, they were eventually picked off till only 4 were standing. The 4 included Becky Buckwild, 20 Pack, Saaphayri, and Frenchie.

I figured this week though when 20 pack took in the challenge win, things would finally swing back over into his alliances favor. Unfortunately for him, Tailor Made's alliance killed him out with numbers in their favor. His alliance managed to get Becky, Saaphayri and Frenchie all into the box.

If you have been following, you already know that all of the people placed into the box are part of 20 Packs alliance. With that said, he had to choose one of those 3 in the box to get sent home.

20 Pack though is not an idiot, and he knew he had to cut some sort of a deal with Tailor Made in order to at least manage to get on the ins with him for next weeks challenge.

Tailor Made promised him that if he sent Becky home, he would save him next week if he ended up in the box. 20 Pack also promised him that if Tailor Made ended up in the box, he would not send him home.

When the final elimination came about no one really knew what 20 Pack was going to do. Initially the snake Becky and her sidekick Saaphayri tried convincing 20 Pack that it was in his best interest not to separate the two and to send Frenchie home.

At the final elimination 20 Pack surprised the competing alliance, and his own 2 remaining alliance members by calling Becky up to the stand. Everyone assumed; even Becky, that 20 Pack was giving her the $250,000 check which would save her from elimination.

It was pretty funny too because she had a big ole grin on her face when she walked up. However when she stood before him, he turned around, shed a pathetic tear and told her he was going to have to void her check!

Frankly I did not see it coming, but it was pretty funny how karma came back and bit her in the butt.
With Becky now eliminated, it is quite clear that Saaphayri has motives to send 20 Pack home next week.

We will have to wait and see if her plan ends up successful next week! It also appears that next weeks episode will include 20 Pack and Tailor Made forming some sort of alliance. This may be upsetting news to Tailor Made's remaining alliance!
Stay tuned!

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