Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Most Beautiful, Must-See Beach on Grand Bahama Island

2 years ago when planning my very first Caribbean vacation I decided on Grand Bahama Island. It seemed to be exactly what we were looking for. The largest island of the Bahama chain, yet the most under populated island. Peace, quite, and tranquility were what we were looking for, and we found all that and more on Grand Bahama Island.

However while researching this tropical destination, information was very, very limited on what there was to do, and see. Mostly though information we did find was so mixed that we didn't know what we were getting into.

I decided to ask the locals on a Bahamas forum online what beach they found to be the most beautiful one on their island. 9 out of 10 recommend Gold Rock Beach, at low tide. If you go during high tide, you could miss one of the most beautiful, and spectacular works of art, made by the sea herself.

You see, at low tide, on Gold Rock Beach, the tides goes out, leaving behind the most incredible mini dunes on the shore.

If you plan on visiting Gold Rock Beach, make 100% sure that you look up your tide charts first. You will want to hit this beach up as the tide is going out, so you don't miss the incredible, jaw dropping scenery.

We took a cab to Gold Rock Beach, which is actually part of the Lucayan National Park. You can book tours to go to the park, which includes visiting the beach if you are not comfortable getting there on your own. However both times on the island we went on our own, without a tour. Not once did we ever feel unsafe, as there were other visitors there.

I will say though, that if you go on a Sunday no one will be at the park. Our first trip we had the entire beach to ourselves, but at the same time felt a little scared because we had never experienced such desolate privacy. You are literally in the middle of nowhere. I recommend going on a weekday just so you feel comfortable knowing staff is around, as well as other tourists.

Getting to Gold Rock Beach is done by taking one of the 2 available trails. You can take a shortcut over the newly renovated bridge which will take you straight to the beach. Or, you can take the long trek through the mangroves on foot. It will take some time, but along the way you get to experience the dense tropical forest, which is such a wonderful hike. Along the way you will see the different species of tropical foliage, spiders, bugs, large land crabs, and if you are lucky, maybe a (exclusive to the island) raccoon.

Whichever path you decide to take, the result at the end of these paths are both rewarding, stunning, and will have you stopping right in your tracks to take in the glorious wonder that lies before you. Gold Rock Beach.

We have been to Grand Bahama Island, and I must say out of every beach we visited, nothing, and I mean nothing came even close to beating out Gold Rock Beach in beauty. You have unspoiled white rolling sands, and a sea made of blue rainbow colors, diamonds of blue, and sheer magnificent beauty.

The sea itself here fades into so many hues of colors it's amazing. You have denims, light blues, baby blues, neon greens, and turquoise colored waters all rolling in to one another. It honestly one of the most remarkable beach's I've ever come across. I don't think any other island, or paradise could come as close to the beauty that is delivered here at Gold Rock Beach.

To erase a lifetime of stress away, please definitely consider going to this beach. It doesn't just put your mind at ease, it puts your soul at ease. All worries a billion miles away. For me, this place is magical, and why I consider it the very best beach on Grand Bahama Island, if not the world.

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