Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Most Beautiful, Must Have Jewelery for 2010 Are Druzy/Drusy Pieces

Whenever a trend hits the streets prices initially remain low for awhile, however, as the demand goes up, you'll notice a huge and ridiculous increase in the price. Supply and demand (or just smart/greedy business ethics), either way, you'll pay.
One trend that I have been watching for the past few months now are Druzy (also known as Drusy, Geode or Agate) stones being being worn as jewelery.

Geode's in the past were normally glued to pretty bases, and sold for prices as low as $5.00. I would know, I have a rather large collection of geode's.

Someone out there though decided that these gorgeous mini caves of crystals would look beautiful when worn. I can't say I disagree.

I bought my first Drusy ring 3 months ago and have fallen in love with Drusy jewelery ever since receiving my one of a kind ring.

What makes these pieces so spectacular is that they are one of a kind. Grown in nature, druzy's can be found as simple solid slices, or as mini half cut caves which feature thousands of nature's very own grown crystals. The reason they are so desirable is that they give off a shining shimmer like no other stone can.

These pieces of one of a kind jewelery can be bought in many different wearable forms. I really like the rings, but they also sell them as necklaces, earrings, belt buckles, and so on.

Ebay as of right now features some of the most affordable and beautiful pieces of druzy jewelery. When looking for one for yourself though, make sure you keyword search both the word all of these words individually: drusy, druzy, geode, and agate. This will pull up a bunch of listing featuring these beautiful works of earthly art, for you to wear!

Other druzy pieces of jewelery can be found on other websites, but they are not as low priced as Ebay. Over the past few weeks though I have noticed that Druzy jewelery has had its price slightly climb upward. So before they are ridiculously overpriced, snag one for yourself, you will be glad that you did, and you will get more compliment's on it than any other piece of jewelery you wear.

The unique shimmer, the shine, and the sparkle that these pieces give off cannot be found elsewhere, nor will you find to alike pieces.

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