Sunday, July 13, 2014

The New Nintendo Wii U Game Pad Comes with Its Own Set of Flaws

I was amongst the few who managed to get a brand spanking new Nintendo Wii U console the week of its release date. The console has become more and more difficult to get hold of, and it will only grow more tedious as the holidays draw in on us.

However, with being one of the lucky ones, I had to mention that the new system, 32GB or 8GB, it does not matter; this console has one major flaw that has new owners of the system raving mad.

The Game Pad
Now do not get me wrong, the new game pad that comes with the Nintendo Wii U is nothing short of gnarly, with a beautiful 6.2 inch responsive and flawless touch screen stealing all of the attention. It's interesting, and reeks of divine technology, but with that said, the game pad has a battery life that touches in at just around 3 hours even on a full charge.

Gamers, especially those who just picked up the new console are bound to waste away way more than just 3 hours trying to make their way around the new controls, and toying with the new on screen applications. What an unpleasant surprise that the game pad only gives 3 hours of game play till it turns black.

Talks of possible higher end game pads that are less lower end in quality, and have more battery life being sold in the future has been mentioned amongst gamers most wanted wish list for the Wii U.
Besides the poor battery life, the Wii U touch screen game pad has a few other flaws that need to be mentioned.

Although the game pad is sleek, with a nice design and feel. The undeniable fact is that the controller feels very low in quality, with lightweight plastic that feels cheap in your hand. I imagine a spill to a hard floor and it could easily crack.

The touchscreen itself is also quickly scratched with lots of use. If you plan on getting a Wii U, please make sure you pick up a screen protector, as I have managed to scratch mine after just 4 uses.

The next issue that I am sure will be quickly remedied, is the fact that you cannot find game pads being sold separately at this time. If you break your game pad before Nintendo releases a stand alone game pad for purchase, you are out of luck. Or you will be forced to buy a brand new console. So if you pick up a Wii U early on, be sure to baby that game pad until Nintendo begins selling them alone. God only knows what the game pad pricing will be either if you would ever need to replace yours. My guess would be in the $120.00 range, possibly more.

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