Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review of the Sims 3, Supernatural Expansion Pack

I like thousands upon thousands of other Sims fans patiently awaited the release of Sims 3 Supernatural. Finally the day had come, where I managed to scoop up a copy of the PC game.
With the addition of vampires, witches, genies, fairies, and werewolves, this quirky and mysterious expansion pack reminded me a lot of the Makin Magic expansion pack we saw many years ago in a previous version of the game.

Although vampires were already an introduction to the game, they now have more depth to them. They rely on blood to survive, they cannot come out of their homes during the day (unless of course they acquire enough life points to purchase permanent sunscreen), an they are much paler than a normal human Sim.

At any rate, even though EA tends to over do their expansion packs with modified repeats of what was already done in the past, fans of the game still sit on the edge of their seats patiently awaiting news of the next expansion pack.

When it comes to this particular expansion pack, besides new Gothic and antique period clothing, objects, and career paths, this game also added a new world for your Sims to romp around in.
Unlike any other world, Moonlight Falls has a mystical charm about it. The world seems darker and gloomy than other worlds you can play your game in. There is a fog that is always present which looms around the town adding to the vibe of a horror story about to unfold.

The new world is decorated up with creepy new trees, decrepit looking homes, and an age old appearance to the new buildings just add to the whole allure of a world similar to Mystic Falls, the town that Elena lives in, in the hit series Vampire Diaries. There is just something delightfully exciting about the new world that EA has given to our Sims.

There is also a new concept added called a lunar cycle. Basically what you have on your lower screen control panel is a new moon icon, which you will notice probably immediately, the moon will highlight which phase it is in. When the moon is full, zombies pop up randomly in your game, and at first this may seem endearing; that is if you do not have a nice crop of plants growing that the zombies will simply attack and eat up, leaving them dead. This becomes a huge annoyance in the game, but a nice work around is to place your garden within a locked fence. However some zombies may spawn in this garden and attack all of your plants anyway. For me, this was more of a bug in the game than a fun new addition. I was hoping to see the new addition of zombies actually add something fun or exciting to the game play, only it does not.

Werewolves will also turn during the full moon, and some Sims in the neighborhood will display odd new lunatic like behaviors.

If you managed to pick up the limited edition version of the game, it will come with a pea shooter, which is the only thing that will deter zombies from attacking your garden, however they have to be strategically placed on your lot near the garden, and they do not do such a great job at really getting rid of the zombies. Not only that, they are rather ugly.

Withthat said, the new features in build a Sim allow you to create these supernatural Sims, not just wait for a vampire to bite your human Sim and convert you over. You can literally from the build a Sim page, create a zombie, a witch, a werewolf, a faerie and so on.

The addition of clothing that EA added this time are actually done up really nicely, with the exception of the hideously baggy jeans which look like they do not even belong in the game.

The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion pack adds a new gaming concept, which actually works well and adds a nice new experience for gamers, and it is possibly the most game enhancing expansion pack to date for the Sims 3, which was nice to see since EA left a disappointing taste in my mouth after Pets and their overpriced Stuff packs.

All in all, this one is worth the buy. Stay tuned for the upcoming addition of Seasons, which is sure to rock us all.

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