Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Sims 3 Expansion Pack 2: News, Rumors, and Fan Want List

So with the recent release of Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack, fans still feel like the game is lacking in many major departments. As an avid fan myself, I must say that I adored the expansion pack World Adventures. Although my game came packed full of bugs, EA quickly resolved the issues and the game is up and running again. There are however some bugs they could work on, such as letting their gamers know why the game will randomly shoot them back to their desktop!

With that aside though, with the release of the first expansion pack, fans quickly scurried to the Internet to find information on the second expansion pack.

Although nothing is official yet, I did happen to run into a few articles online which stated that the second expansion pack may focus on the 'superstar' aspect of the game.

Your Sim in the Sims 3 is able to become a rock star, but the entire 'stardom' angle of the game is lacking entirely.

With the rumor of this expansion pack fans are very black and white about it. Some loved the superstar pack in the original Sims game, while others found the process to be boring and lack luster. I personally enjoyed Superstars, but as others are saying, for the Sims 3 I would much, much rather see the game add some weather to our never changing summer season.

Weather was something fans had asked for for years when the original Sims game released. Some fans even went as far as making their own weather simulators to add to their games. Many of them were buggy, but Maxis at the time was not listening to their fans, so they solved a want themselves.

The Sims 2 finally gave fans weather, which was a very cool addition to the game, and an addition that many of us Simmers assumed would come packed into the Sims 3 original release. It didn't. In fact the game was lacking just about everywhere.

While a Superstar expansion pack would be awesome, I think it is one we can definitely wait for. Listen to your fans EA, we want weather, and we want it now. It's very boring to be playing a game in December and not have snow. Watching the seasonal changes in Sims 2 was what made the game seem all the more realistic, and thats what fans love about the game.

So here it is, my wish-list for what I would like to see in the second expansion:

Weather, duh! I want snow, blizzards, rain, falling leaves, hail storms, lightning storms, and random odd frog showers.

With weather give us a new challenge. We have magic gnomes in the game, so why not give us a rainbow that will randomly pop up in town. If your Sim is able to find the end of the rainbow, a magic gnome will present them with a pot of gold.

Besides weather though I would love to see more focus on events such as Christmas, 4th of July, New Years, Halloween, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving etc. I mean seriously, they managed to incorporate all of this simple fun stuff in Animal Crossing, so EA should have figured out by now that people like this sort of stuff. In fact they long for it.

I mean heck, we have a city hall and we've got a central park that provide nothing but swing sets, and picnic tables... these types of fun events could all be held in this area. It would make the game a hell of a lot funner, and re-play value would be through the roof!

A letter in the mailbox, or a word of mouth conversation would let your Sims know when the event was being held. Or dare I say...add a frigging bulletin board in town like the ones we see in World Adventure countries.

The boards could inform Sims of such events and when they would be held.

I'd also like to see ponds turn to ice, so our Sims can skate on them. It was really stupid to have to purchase an ice skating rink in the Sims 2, when the ponds could have been used to do the same exact thing without the need of more space.

By the way, we have this huge wasteful space robbing ocean that does absolutely nothing. Bringing my Sims to the beach is really an utter waste of time. Why not provide the beaches with waters that provide more use than fishing. Hey how about swimming, something fans have been asking for since the birth of the Sims. A lifeguard on the beach would also be neat to see (this could open up a whole new career angle as well).

I'd also like to see usable boats, and watercraft's. Liven the dang beach up already! Give us volleyball nets, Frisbee's, inner tubes, and so on. Present our Sims with a fun environmental challenge once in awhile by having garbage wash up on shore. Seashells would also look really nice in the house. The possibilities with the beach alone are endless. So why not focus on it?
With the second expansion pack I would also like to see a vacuum cleaner. I'm sick of the same boring cleaning mechanisms of mops. Give us a vacuum. Why you are at it bring back my Butler I loved him!
We would also love to see our piano brought back into the game. It's pretty boring that the only musical instrument in the game is a guitar. How about brighten things up with a playable flute, a harmonica for playing when near the fire pit, maybe a drum set, and a saxophone. Variety is the spice of life.
Mostly though, I'd just love to have an open world in my game that would allow me to edit every last detail, from where the ocean lies, to how big it is, to where roads are placed, and so on. There are still many areas in the town that cannot be touched, or edited. It would have been nice if we had more customization possibilities.

I know all of my wants will not be answered in just one expansion pack, but I sure would love to see just some of these things... mostly weather. Give us the goods!

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