Sunday, July 20, 2014

MTV, Jersey Shore is Awesome!

All over Facebook my friends keep updating their statuses in regards to something they had seen on Jersey Shore.

I had heard about the reality show, but when it released it just didn't seem like a show I'd be interested in. However due to their non-stop recommendations and 'inside jokes' on the show, I had to be in the in. I wanted to see what this show was all about, so I Tivo'ed the first 2 episodes that I had missed.

The season premier sucked me right in with it's raunchy characters, fun explosive drama, and narcissist behaviors brought on by our Jersey Shore roomies.

Basically the show is just that. MTV gives a beautiful beach front home to 8 Guido's. No need to get offended, the cast members on the show call themselves Guido's and Guida's. They claim it's a lifestyle.

The basics of the show are simple. Throw 4 guys, and 4 girls into a home, have them shack up together all summer long, and pretty much tape their lives as it happens. In order to stay in the house though, each of them must do shifts of work.

It sounds boring, but the interesting mix of personalities is pretty damn hilarious.

One by one as the first few scenes of the show began I got introduced to each of the roommates. None of them stuck out as interesting, good looking, or even remotely entertaining. However the more I watched the show, the more they grew on me.

I loved Snookie for her sexy, yet clueless personality. She's a firecracker and likely we will see a ton of drama unfold in regards to Snookie. Her very first night at the house she was grinding up on the 4 guys, and made a complete fool of herself in the hot tub. The other girls did not take too well to her at first because of her 'dirty girl' ways.

As they get to know her though, she grows on them.

Next we have Mike, who in my opinion is the most charismatic fellow on the show. He's got abs that seem to run down his stomach for miles, and a fun and likable personality. Unfortunately Mike is a bit of a player. When he first gets into the house he takes on a liking to Sammi (another house mate). However Sammi may be ahead of his player game.

The two though make a quick connection, and on the very first night they are walking around holding hands like an old fart married couple. Too much, too quickly if you ask me. At any rate, the blossoming romance was cute. I liked it, I thought it would work.

For me though, she was a bit boring, but Mike took an immediate liking to her.
Up on the chopping block next is Ronnie.

Ronnie is probably the beefiest in the house. He had a total '12 Pack (VH1 people!)' vibe when I first laid eye on him. He was hot, pleasant on the eyes, but I've seen enough of the giant juice heads on VH1, so his character was really no different. Heck even the hair was the same.
He also has a liking toward Sammi, but initially it seems like he wants to hook up with Sammi; no strings, nothing serious.

Sammi and Mike end up making out at a night club in episode 2. No less than a few moments later Mike catches her making out with Ronnie.

It was a full 100 degree turn that I personally did not see coming. I thought Sammi and Mike would really keep the romance hot and heavy once the first kiss was initiated at the club. I don't know what the hell happened, or what MTV edited out, but for Sammi to seem so into Mike, and then stick her tongue down Ronnie's throat...obviously she saw something that she did not like that night in regards to Mike? Then again who knows? Maybe shes just a Guido player?
As of now Sammi and Ronnie quickly become a new hook up/couple/object/something? Yeah, that'll last!
It's clear Sammi has an agenda, and that agenda is to make Mike jealous.

Up next we have Jennie, who calls herself J-WOW. Nothing really stuck out as interesting with her at first. She seemed to stick to the background due to the fact that she has a boyfriend back at home.

However get J-WOW all liquored up and her naughty side quickly surfaces! Tee-hee!

After J-WOW we have Angelina. At first she seemed to be the most put together chick on the show.

She was relatively quite and friendly...and then...out of nowhere she manages to transform into the biggest drama fueled chick in the house. Angelina has a boyfriend back home, but she has a naughty side too. Angelina to me was so day and night. Unfortunately she does not last very long in the house.
Next we have Pauly. At first he seemed to be one of the quieter guys in the house, but as the show goes on we see that Pauly has an explosive side to him, which is just great for good sleazy reality TV.

He and J-WOW end up kissing, which sealed the official 'J-WOW is a cheater' deal. Yes, J-WOW has a boyfriend, and she likes to pretend that when she does naughty things, she forgets what she did and blames it on the alcohol. Ri-ight!
Last but not least is Vinny.
Vinny is probably the most quiet guy in the house, or at least it is edited that way. Vinny however seems to be smarter than the other guys. He did not initially come into the house looking to make it with one of the female roommates.

Why does this make Vinny smart? Because he gets to ignore the explosive drama that goes on between the men and women who are hooking up on the house, and just have fun with random women he meets over the summer.

While the other cast mates hook up, break up, and fight... Vinny sort of sits back, relaxes and enjoys himself. Smart move!
All in all, the show should be interesting, drama fueled, with tons of hair gel, cussing, slapping, fighting, dissing, kissing and foul behavior. I think I will stay tuned!

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