Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Sims 3 Expansion Pack Ideas

With The Sims 3 less than one month away, fans of the franchise have been crunching away and swallowing every tid bit of news they can possibly find on the new release.

With small fractions of news, photos, and video clips being shown here and there many of our minds are just buzzing away with ideas on what EA should incorporate into expansion packs.

Seriously we have seen enough Pets, Magic, and Vacation packs with Sims 1, and Sims 2. How about giving us all of that stuff in one big lump sump pack for starters. We enjoy them, but frankly I'm sick of the same stuff being re-done with new graphics.

I want some good stuff, the real deal... some X-Rated stuff, some murder and mayhem... some seriously unique game play to be added to the newest edition!

My first idea is one of my favorite ideas.

1. The Sims 3 Funeral and Birth Expansion Pack
I would absolutely love to have this added to the new seamless environment in the Sims 3. It would be neat to get a notice of when other Sims in town die, with a card or something stating when the funeral would take place, for whom...and so on.

It would be neat to see a Hearse driving around town in honor of the dead Sim. A funeral home could be added somewhere in town. Sims could go in to pay their respects to the deceased Sim. They will also be able to leave flowers, and give money to the remanding family members.

Birth would be similar. Instead of having a baby Sim pop up in the air, the Sim giving birth would be either rushed to a Sim Hospital (SH), by her spouse, or by ambulance. The Sim will then remain in the hospital for a Sim day or two, and return home with her new baby, or babies!

More accurate birthdays would also be neat. Incorporate actual calendars into the game for Sims to remember events on a more precise level.

But tat-tat-tat-....before all that, being able to also schedule a BABY SHOWER for expecting Sims would also be very appreciated! Mother fans of the game would love this, as well as non-parental players. Making it seem more real is what it is all about!

2. The Sims 3 Murderer Expansion Pack
Lets step into the real world.

Why not allow players to experience ultimate psycho in the Sims 3!

A crazed murderer runs about the town picking off victims slowly until the gamer or Sim Police actually manages to capture him. Some wanted posters up around town would turn it into an ultimate hunt and find the killer expansion, which would kill some time, and make the game all the more realistic.

Another cool feature to this pack would add the psycho child gene into random Sim babies when they are born. Psycho Sims would grow up with killing traits, which in turn could lead them being the next Sim murderer.

Players would not know if the child was psycho though, players would have to recognize it on their own, if recognized they could have the child hospitalized before it is too late!

Traits would include hurting other Sims, Sim Animals, or themselves! Naturally these packs would be rated M for Mature.

3. The Sims 3 Disasters Expansion
This pack would add hurricanes, tornadoes, sand storms, and tidal waves which would not necessarily destroy the Sims town, but would ruin a few things here and there, allowing the creator to re-build things.

Flooding would also be neat, as well as adding an home owners insurance.

Those Sims who are insured will be safe, those who are not will suffer; become homeless Sims, begging for change on street corners. It would also open up the opportunity for the homeless Sim to play instruments on street corners for change, opening up a whole new career path!

Car accidents, and pedestrians getting run over by cars would also be added to this pack! It would be a neat must have for the Funeral Expansion Pack!!! Hahaha!

At any rate, what fans have been looking for in The Sims 3 is the ability to make our Sims world just as realistic as our own, and yes nudity should be added for 18+ gamers!

If you fans have any other ideas, feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to see what other fans would like to see out of the game.

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