Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tips for Lifting Your Mood when You're Feeling Blue

Turn your day around through some simple activities that will remind you of life's blessings.

Pictures. Sometimes when we are sad it is due to missing a certain person. Looking at old pictures of this person can occasionally shift a sad feeling to a more uplifted one.

Start a diary. Jotting down uplifting events in life that make us happy are always a good start. If your day is bad, then don't write about that horrible day, but about something that happened on another day that made you happy. Then later if you are feeling blue, go back and read old entries to be reminded of happier times.

Avoid eating poorly. Although ice cream may seem like a perfect comfort food in your time of despair, once you are done eating it, you will probably feel even worse. Instead, take a walk. Sometimes walking alone allows you to find peace within yourself.

Donate to a charity. Even the smallest amount you can give will lift your spirits and put your troubles in perspective.

Makeover! Did you know something as simple as a new hair color can turn your entire mood around? Try something new. Odds are you will like what you see.

Go out with friends. Nothing will ease a saddened mind like a night out with friends. They are a wonderful distraction from what caused you to be sad in the first place.

Eat healthier and exercise. Nothing boosts my own mood quite as well as going for a run or doing some yoga. Not only that, with continuous exercise you will see changes in your body that will likely cause you to smile.

Scrapbooking. This is a great stress reliever. It keeps you busy, and looking back at old memories truly lifts the mood from sad to peaceful.

Coloring. Believe it or not, something as simple as grabbing an old coloring book and a pack of crayons soothes the mind fast. As juvenile as it seems, it works.

Write uplifting messages to yourself. I like to post a sticky note with inspirational messages on my PC.

As silly as it sounds, I see that note all day long, and it helps keep me in good spirits.

Clean the house. This actually really helps lighten your mood. Place curtains away from windows and let the light shine in.

Release your inner child. Nothing soothes the soul more deeply than the genuine laughter of a child. If you do not have kids, ask a friend or relative if you can babysit for the day. If you already have kids, get out there and play with them. Get down, dirty and in the mud, build sandcastles, sing songs, read storybooks, hunt for rainbows after a storm, and bring their imagination to life with storytelling.
What do you do to keep the blues at bay?

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