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Jersey Shore, Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

So last nights episode of Jersey Shore, Season 3, Episode 7 was nothing more than pure SamRon drama, and frankly MTV has been focusing way too much attention on these two, this week though, well this week I am glad that the cameras focused mostly on them, because this was just pure hilarious and psychotic entertainment.

Last weeks episode once again featured Sammi and Ron fighting, however as usual, it trickled into this weeks episode as we all knew it would. All the small annoying petty fights, the psychotic Sam moments, all boiled down to this one final battle.

The reason as I see it is this: Sam is still angry about what Ron did in Miami, and every single fight they have rewinds back to those instances. Ron apparently is sick of it, and I cannot blame him. At one point, even while fighting in this episode, Sam asks Ron what he is doing, and he tells her 'going out with my boys' (meaning, Mike, Vinny, and Pauly D), she says something along the lines of... 'well what are you gunna do if another girl talks to you?'
He walks out and leaves her there sitting on the bed looking like the fool she so clearly has been lately.
However he is in a nearby room, when Mike walks in to console or give Sam advice, and it all boils down to him telling her they are not good together, and that what Mike did in Miami was wrong, but she needs to move on. This is of course the same advice that he had given Ron in a previous episode. Ron however is creeping in the room over and listening in on Mike and Sam's convo. He gets himself all boiled up over it.

Mike is nowhere to be found after this whole consoling scene goes down, but Ron is boiling inside and Vinny and Pauly take note and try to get him out of the house to cool off. They decide to go ride some rides on Boardwalk.

Sam and Deena oddly enough are magically located at some little bar on Boardwalk, when Sam sees Ron walk by. Naturally she goes into jealous psycho mode by telling Deena she saw Ron walking and talking with another girl. Oh my we go again.
Sam apparently thinks the worst of him, as usual. God give him a break! At any rate, she decides to start acting like she is single Sam by pretending she is interested in whatever hot guy happens to come along. She does some shots, and gets a phone number. One in which I am sure she will never bother to call. Ron though,,,sweetie, Ron was not there to witness this unfold! Oh but don't worry, Sam puts on a show for him later on. Haha.

After the whole Boardwalk incident, we watch Sam come in the door and she picks up on Ron's attitude immediately. He is still boiling inside over Mike's betrayal- or so he calls it. So what we have here, is a guy who likes to fight...clearly. But hey, instead of having a battle with Sam he focuses his rage on Mike.

As if sent in on Que, Mike walks in and the explosive yelling match begins. Ron accuses him of being a two face, for being friends with Sam. Mike tells him they are all friends. Ron though is still pissed at him for instigating a fight, and getting in on his business. The entire scene is just retarded, and Ron is clearly losing his head. Sam sits on the sidelines not saying a word. Mike obviously thinks Sam said something, yet she never speaks up. Good grief.

Mike and Ron are yelling back and forth, and it comes to an end when Mike decides to just apologize. It was the best move, otherwise it would have just ended up being a physical battle, which would have been stupid. Mike did not do anything wrong, but his tactic worked, and Ron is now cool with him again. Such a pattern. Fight, friends, fight friend.... yawn.

Now that this fight is over, we have to focus in on Sam and Ron again, who clearly are broken up, but still together, but broken up? What?

Upstairs their fight continues on and once again Miami is brought up. Ron backfires by reminding her about what she did in Atlantic City and in jersey (season 1?). We learn that Sam gave her phone number out to some guy while ignoring Ron's calls. But don't worry Ron, she didn't make out with him. L-oh-L.

At this point he walks away as he seems to do in every fight, he gets her all heated, and when she tries to explain things, or I should say blame him for life... he walks away when she begins to get all serious eyed. He tells her it is over, they are done, he hates her, blah blah cuss word, cuss word.

He tells her to get her stuff out of his room, even though last weeks episode she said she was moving out of the room. She is still there though, I sort of figured she would be. Sam didn't get the point though, he is done with her. He begins to pick her stuff up and throw it out onto the balcony, and she flips out on him.
This is when the fight really begins to escalate, and you cannot even really hear what is going on. It sounded a little like this and it went on for quite some time.

"Douche&^%&....Scum*&^%%, B&^ch, A$$@#!#, piece of s%&*, and so on and so on, and so on."
Ron goes over the edge and begins to move Sam's bed from the room, and she hops on it, while he is still lifting it up. Mike goes upstairs and assessed the situation, and goes back downstairs to recruit Pauly and Vinny to help him cool the fight down.

The boys try to separate them, and Ron leaves the room, Sam tells him to get away from her, yet when he does she goes flying after him as expected. He shuts a door in her face, she kicks it open while declaring how much she hates him.

He then tries to leave by heading downstairs and she still follows, the fight continues on in a doorway.
Things cool down, I suppose, and she goes to talk with the girls who tell her to come out with them and have a good time. Ron of course goes off with the boys, not before letting everyone know that he has dibs on the smooch room tonight. One final hilarious blow at Sam.

While they are gone, Sam, Snooki and Deena move Sam's bed downstairs, and head out to a club.
They end up in the same club, and this is when Sam goes completely insane.

She knows Ron is there and begins to yell out that she is looking for the hottest guy in the room, Ron hears her, and looks on. Its pathetic at this point though, as Sam continues on in a heart pounding rage for revenge, 'Hot guys, Hot guys, I'm single... Dance with me...'

She begins to dance it up with some tool, and Ron is so disgusted. Instead of leaving as it looked like he would, he walks up to Sam to call her some sort of name, and then leaves.

Sam stands there looking stupid.

Back at the house, Mike listens on as Ronnie smashes up all of Sam's things. Oddly enough, her bed is back? This is the part that confused me, because I was pretty sure it was the same bed the girls had just moved downstairs. What?

At any rate, he clearly is just as bad as her, if not worse. At least when he tongue twisted with 2 other girls at once, Sam didn't break all his stuff when she found out. But mix rage, alcohol, and Xenadrine, and what you have is one angry terminator.

Once he is done stepping on and stomping all of her things, he heads outside to the deck to talk with Mike.

Sam comes home and instead of heading to her new room, she heads upstairs, of course she was looking to duke it out with Ron again. Instead she walks into a mess, everything is broken. She sits on the floor cries, and finds her broken glasses.

She walks out to the deck, crying with her broken glasses in her hand, and this is the pivotal moment when you realize Ron may feel a bit of remorse. He asks Mike to leave, and they have yet another fight. Sam points out how he ruined everything, how he had no right to do that, this that and the other thing. Ron says he is looking for respect from her, and that when he cheated at least he did it behind her back, and not in front of her... oh my God, this is too funny.

Sam points out exactly what I knew she would, how when he did her wrong she didn't act like this, yet when she does something out of spite, this is what she gets. Righteously so. If I remember correctly, Ron only did her wrong when they were no longer a couple. Once they make things official in the gelato shop, he behaved again. Or sort of?

Ron spends the night in the bathroom crying.

The following morning Sam spreads the word that she is going home, this time for real... or is she?
The rest of the housemates try to talk her out of it, but they are not pushing as hard as they had during the first threat to go seems even they are sick of her and the fighting.

Ron gets news of her departure and goes to try and talk to her one last time.

They end up not making up as one would expect, since it seems to be their trend. She refuses to sit down and talk with him, and that is that, she is off. Yahoo!!!!

Honestly though, this episode's fight was so explosive and ridiculous, that I could not figure out who was right and who was wrong, the whole thing was just a gross mess.

Single Ron is back!!! But he is not the same single Ron, as you can see in sneak peeks into next weeks episode.

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