Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top Ghost Hunting Documentaries Ever!!!

I love paranormal documentaries, not all are created alike though, some documentaries are good, while others get embedded into your brain due to the most excellent bodacious scare that it offered.

Nothing gets my blood pumping more than a good tale of demonic spirits, ghosts that haunt to the extreme, and ghost hunters who are on the prowl while putting themselves in the line of such paranormal fire.

Not all are create alike though, some manage to scare me so much that the story forever remains in my mind. Seeing that I have seen a good fair share of ghost television shows, and documentaries I had to share my all time top favorites.

The Number 1 documentary hands down goes to The Booth Brothers on their ultra scary documentary called Children of the Grave.
This documentary is done so well that you get that hair raising creepy feeling each and every step of the way. The crew explores the unmarked mass burial grounds of children who have long been forgotten, but besides that sad eerie part of the video, the brothers venture down to Zombie Road, where they manage to capture some shadow people, or shadow children on camera. This haunted woods is not only the romping grounds of shadow people, but it is also rumored to be the stomping grounds of those in dark cults.

This particular documentary manages to grab your attention tightly from start to finish, and it's just about as scary as ghost hunting documentaries can get.

The Booth Brothers have other DVD's that you must check out as well. Each and every one of them offer something that will scare the hell out of you!

The next top scary documentary comes from the crew of Ghost Adventures.

The brick throwing Ghost Adventures documentary actually landed the crew a regular slot for the series, which of course is called Ghost Adventures, which airs on the Travel Channel.

What makes these guys different from other ghost hunting crews, is that they are actually locked into the alleged haunted locations from dusk till dawn. No key, and no way out.

They use other means to contacting spirits as well. Instead of playing nice, Zak (the lead) uses interrogation and speaks ill of those who may lurk in the shadows. He manages to instigate activity, and holy heck his formula works!

Once and only once did the guys actually physically destroy a window to escape a haunted location, thus making it the most talked about paranormal documentary in a long time.

What caused them to bust out through a window was an actual assault that took place in the lower section of the location. A brick was actually picked up and thrown at Zak. Now only that, when they took a closer look at the footage, other things were moved as well at the exact moment the brick was thrown.

The premier documentary takes the crew of Ghost Adventures to a haunted hotel, which in turn made the Ghost Adventures famous. It is not to be missed, and by far one of the best documentaries I have ever seen when it comes to actual raw footage of a violent angry spirit.

The next must see episode comes from Ghost Hunters, where the men actually capture a very creepy image on video. In this episode titled Eastern State Pen, the crew captures a very chilling figure on camera that seems to run from the camera. It also appears to be wearing some sort of dark cloak.

Although the particular episode was not 'lose sleep and have nightmares' chilling, it was in fact very creepy, and definitely deserves a slot on the top ghost documentaries due to the evidence they captured.
Another documentary that deserves a slot on the Top list goes to A Haunting in Connecticut.
This 2 part documentary is part of the Haunting series which airs on the Discovery channel.

What makes this particular documentary so eerie is not only the horribly scary story that is told, but it is the special re-enactments that were presented to us in the documentary.

Whomever was responsible for creating such a superb re-enactment deserves major kudos.

This particular episode was also so scary that it managed to produce 2 books, and a movie which was released into theaters this past March.

All I will say is possession is the name, and scary as hell is the game.

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