Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dr. Scholl's is Bringing Retro Back with the Re-Release of Their Orignal Sandals for Women!!!

As a kid, I remember these awesome sandals that my mom wore for years. She wore these sandals in the summer, in the winter, day and night.

They held up though, they lasted for years! Besides the obvious lasting quality, these sandals were sexy. I remember my moms legs looking like a million bucks, and her feet looking oh so damn adorable!

I didn't know what the sandals were, I was 5!

As time went on though, and I grew older, I still could remember those sandals, those tan sexy sandals with the cool metal buckle. The sandals that made my moms legs and feet look hot. As a teenager I wanted a pair. I figured I would be able to find them on ebay, but every pair I came across looked very used, and those selling them wanted way too much money for these retro sexy sandals!

The sandals are of course made by the Dr. Scholl's shoe company, and by God are they glorious! With a leather strap to hold your foot in, and a wooden base I figured these gems would never make it back to the market.

Ah, but alas, retro is back, and even though I am seeing all sorts of retro remakes being sold again, I never thought that Dr. Scholl's would re-introduce their original wooden heeled sandals back into the market. I always thought they were long forgotten, and that I was the only one who loved my moms old sandals.

They are back though, and they are back with all new hip colors. The originals my mom wore were the natural tan colored ones, with a nice wood clunk heel. Yep, they would go clunk, clunk, clunk, whenever she walked, commanding attention, her shoes spoke as if saying 'I have entered the room ladies, check me out, and move out of my way!'
The new originals come in pink, blue, brown, tan, yellow, white, green, black, or red. They feature new heel colors as well, but indeed you can get the original wood heel as well. Other heel colors include black, or light tan.

The new originals however come with a new hefty price attached to them. The tan heeled Originals come to a price of $39.00 which is not so bad. If you want the original wooden heel though it's going to cost you some green-age!

The originals with the wooden heels come to $73.20! Youch!!! But your feet will thank you, because these bad boys are damn comfortable!

Where To Buy:
I found the Original Dr. Scholl's women sandals on their official site.Click here to be taken directly to the site.

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