Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tutorial: How to Become a Werewolf in the Sims 2

I have been playing the Sims ever since the original game came out. It was only natural that I follow my obsession and pick up the Sims 2, along with every expansion pack ever made.

When the Sims 2 Pets hit the market I was one of the first fans to grab a copy. I knew that this new expansion pack would hold some sort of hidden secret, like nearly every other expansion pack...only I had to figure out what the secret was.

I pretty much knew every secret in the game, yet the werewolf was the one thing I could not figure out. I knew how to become a witch and preform evil magic or good magic. I knew how to become a vampire, and I knew all about turning my Sims into green plantism people. Yet, I had not a clue on how to become a frigging werewolf! It was frustrating to say the least.

The first thing I noticed about the new pets expansion pack was of course the addition of pets. However every other night I noticed something extremely odd visiting my Sims lots. A dog with glowing eyes.

This dog though looked stupid, and even though I knew there were werewolves in this new pets game pack, this dog and his glowing eyes did not resemble a wolf, so I scratched it off as a stupid dog with some sort of dumb issues. Perhaps it was rabid, or a stupid dog NPC made by Maxis for fun.

Also my Sims would sometimes have in their daily goal boxes 'want to see a werewolf', and there would be a picture of the wolf. This dog with the glowing eyes didn't look like the picture in the Sims image boxes, so I never thought twice about it.

I ignored this ugly looking dog for so long, and all along this dog with glowing eyes was the key to me discovering the werewolf aspects of the game. I had no clue that befriending this dog was the only way to become a werewolf Sim!

Once I established a friendly relationship with the dog, he eventually nipped me, which in turn turned me into a Sim werewolf.

After being nipped, my Sim then took on a new physical form. I didn't walk on all fours, but my Sim grew hair all over his face, arms, etc.

For years I had no clue that this was how to become a werewolf! Yet here I was, after just a few interactions with this odd glowing eyed dog, a werewolf Sim!

So, In order to become a Sim werewolf, all you have to do is establish a friendly relationship with the dog with glowing eyes, and eventually he or she will nip you. Your Sim is now a werewolf!

Hoooowwwwllll....bark at the moon!!!

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