Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Righteously So, Tanedra Howard Wins Scream Queens! And a Role in Saw VI

I picked up on the VH1 reality show Scream Queens just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I missed out on the very beginning airings. Normally it's pretty difficult for me to pick up a show mid season, but Scream Queens managed to win me over with the cool challenges, and acting skills brought on by the contestants.

Scream Queens is a VH1 reality show where girls compete against one another to try and win a role in Saw VI. Each week one girl is sent home, and the rest of the contestants get closer and closer to winning the role, until finally there is one official Scream Queen winner.

Originally I had been rooting for Michelle, who made it to the final 2. I kept thinking that I had seen her somewhere before, and then it hit me. Was she the LonelyGirl15 chic?

Turns out no, but the two look alike in many ways.

As much as I was rooting for the hot chic, I could not deny the skills brought to the table by Tanedra Howard during the final challenge. Michelle did good, but she lacked real emotion, and hello... why wasn't she crying!?! Wasn't she listening to the director when he said 'you're going to die!' Michelle in my opinion seemed to struggle with that realization that she had to act out her possible final moments? Ah but alas, she cried AFTER the challenge came to an end. Just a little to late there hun!

I won't lie and say Tanedra Howard did phenomenally, because she also struggled in the beginning by yelling too much. However during her next take she nailed it down to the tee, the editing crew even added in special effects and close ups for Tanedra's takes which I found odd, because none of this close up specialness was granted to Michelle, so it naturally came off much better for Tanedra.

Earlier in the finale Lindsay was sent packing for lack of believability. Lindsay is known as the former child star who played in the Nickelodeon series Caitlin's Way.

All in all I was extremely hoping Tanedra would get the part, she managed to win me over with that final scene, and before that I had been rooting for Michelle. Amazing that she was able to win me over that quickly.

Bravo to Tanedra, and I cannot wait to see what role she will play in the new Saw horror flick!

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