Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tutorial: How to Upload Photos from Photobucket to the EStarling ImpactV Wifi Clip Frame

Now I know why you have come here, and to be quite honest, I wish there was such a handy guide like this one for me when I ran into uploading issues with my eStarling ImpactV Clip Frame!
Sadly for me, I had to figure everything out on my own, because as many of you poor unfortunate souls already know, the damn frame didn't come with a help manual, nor is their seeframe, or eStarling site of any help whatsoever!
For me, and like many of you whom have come to this page; I was looking to simply get my photobucket photos onto my ImpactV Clip Frame.
I had no idea that such a task would be so frustrating and annoying. Yet I also had no idea that it would be so simple once I figured it out...on my own of course.
I seriously still wish that eStarling and would add in a little bit of self help for dummies like me!
For those of you though who have no figured out the secret to success when it comes to the ImpactV, you have come to the right place.
First I will mention that this quick guide is for those looking to get their photobucket photos onto their ImpactV frame.
Now to do this you must sign into your eStarling account, or
You then must go over to the tab that says SUBSCRIBE.
Below that you will see a sub tab that says 'ONLINE STORAGE'.
Here another page will pop up. Click on the blue link below to configure your photobucket account.
Another page will pop up, where it will ask for your photobucket user name and password. So go ahead now and add them in.
next you'll want to go over to the tab that says 'social networks'. You will see an icon for photobucket. Go ahead and click it, and then click display albums. This is just to make sure everything went through okay. You will also find your photobucket photos here in small thumbnails.
If your photos show up, congrats, you're almost done.
You are not done yet though, and this is the most important part of all, and without doing this one simple step, your photobucket photos will not show up.
This is the one step that I absolutely wish seeframe would have mentioned, because it is crucial, and necessary... and it angers me that such a simple step had never been mentioned anywhere on their site.
You want to go back to the main page by clicking on the seeframe icon in the upper left hand corner, and set all other tabs to STOP. Photobucket should be the only tab set to START. If you do not have it set up this way, the photobucket photos will never arrive to your ImpactV Clip Frame.
I wish I had known this when I first got the frame. It took me hours to figure it out, and I thought I had been sent a defective frame. Really I was sent a frame that I had to figure out on my own, with no instructions. Frustrating to say the least. But easy as pie once I figured it out.

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