Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two Thumbs Up for MTVs, Life as Liz

I'm a reality TV junkie, and although I don't think Life As Liz is an actual reality show; the plot, the characters, and the overall vibe of the show is red hot. I won't be surprised if this one sticks around for quite a long time.

The show basically follows one of the high schools largest outcasts.

It was not always that way for Liz though, she at one time was really good friends with some of the more popular girls in school. One day however she stopped being friends with them. No real personal details on exactly what happened, or why there was ever a falling out is mentioned though.

The show has a plot that is just too good, and likely the entire thing is scripted. However that does not mean that the story's are not true. They very well could be, just that they are being acted out.

What makes the show so addicting is the fact that many teens can relate to her. Not everyone is super popular, and not everyone parades around the school in their cheer leading outfits screaming horrah, horrah, life is so grand. In fact, there are probably more outcasts than their are popular kids; this alone is likely what will keep Life As Liz, alive and well as far as ratings go.

Liz has friends though, but like her, they are also outcasts. They consist of small groups of mostly boys, who don't really fit in anywhere either. The camera follows Liz around school while she tells a story of being the schools biggest loser, through her own personal point of view.

It's sort of like sneaking a peek into a teenagers diary, and even though Liz may think she's a loser and other girls consistently pick on her, she's actually pretty cool.

The show airs for an hour on MTV every week, so look it up and find out when it is airing in your area.

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