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Hottest, Most Controversial, Reality TV Moments for 2009

2010 has finally come, giving us an entire new year to slowly fill a pool with hot new reality TV moments.

Although I am sure 2010 will deliver awesome TV moments, I seriously do not think anything can take the cake quite like 2009 did with wild, unbelievable reality TV moments that had jaws dropping and the net flooded with chit-chat, gossip, and feud filled forum posts.

Gosh there are seriously so many reality moments that had my jaw dropping. However, I figure we will start with the worst of the worst, the cream of the crop in reality TV.

Oddly the most controversial reality TV moment was the most recent.

This reality TV moment will go down in history as one of the most vile, and disgusting moments ever presented to reality TV. It took place on Jersey Shore. I am sure I need not say more, as millions of you are already well aware of the moment that takes the cake.

Yup, the episode where Snookie (one of the Jersey Shore house residents) gets punched right in the face, at full force by a man.
This episode was the topic of huge controversy, as some accused MTV of being greedy for ratings by airing the episode. Others were happy Snookie got punched, and even made instant re-play videos of the act being played over and over again on the Internet. Others, like me, were simply disgusted, and wanted to taste the blood of the coward who punched her.

At any rate, this huge cowardly act aired to the public, although MTV blacked out the actual scene, footage of the punch leaked online, and can still be found today.

The next most talked about reality TV moment was of course when VH1 decided to give Megan Hauserman her very own love show. Titled Megan Wants a Millionaire. VH1 should have screened the contestants first, because the show was canceled due to one of her millionaire suitors being a murderer/suicide case. Quickly the net flooded with cruel show name changes such as Megan Wants A Murderer.
The rumor is that Megan Hauserman will be given a new show.
Another highly talked about Reality TV scene took place on Rock of Love Bus. This one was talked about for weeks due to one nasty little love shot. I would call this moment, hands down, one of the most disgusting reality TV moments ever seen.

The scene takes place when some of the girls are getting drunk. Gia, one of the contestants decides to shove a test tube shot up into her...private area...while another girl drinks the shot. The angle of the actual 'shot' was not shown, but you did not need to see what was happening in order to understand what was going on.
The next hot reality was not so hot. In fact, it made a few viewers actually want to throw up. Once again we are covering Rock of Love Bus. This particular scene made the list because it sounded painful, looked painful, and oh yeah, it was gross.
During a ice hockey game one of the contestants from the show takes a dive to the ice and pops her poor fake ta-ta.

She is not alone though, of course not. During Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, contestant Shauvon takes a belly of a flop into the water and also pops-a-fake.

Next we have a quick scene that took place on Rock of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne. During the reunion show which aired in January of 2009, Sharon Osbourne lets America know that she herself could use a little charm school. When one of her charm school failures (Megan Hauserman) pokes mean fun at Sharon and her husband, Sharon charges her and rips at her hair.

The fight scene did not last long, but naturally it makes the list of hot reality TV moments!

Last but not least for 2009 goes to the budding relationship between Frank the Entertainer and Buck Wild on I Love Money 2. An unlikely duo for sure, but the relationship was apparent nonetheless.

Although it's not necessarily good reality TV, it was still chattered about on the Internet. What made the entire relationship so gossip worthy were the public riffs that the two were having on Twitter.
So there you have it folks, Reality TV for 2009 in a nutshell. Let's see what 2010 delivers!

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