Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Underwater Camera Housing Keep Fogging Up? How to Fix It

About 3 years ago I bought myself an expensive underwater camera by Olympus, I noticed though that even though this camera was designed to come with me in the water, the camera's compartments began showing signs of erosion, so I took the plunge and went out to purchase an underwater housing for the camera, which would further protect it, and allow me to take it underwater at deeper depths.

The housing chamber came with a bunch of small silica gel packets that you add to the housing in order to keep it from fogging up.

Unfortunately the silica gel packets did not do the job, and while in the water my entire housing unit would begin to fog up making it impossible to take good photographs underwater.

Removing the camera and cleaning it off, or waiting for it to dry took longer than I was willing to wait, and to top it off the fog would always come right back the second I hit the water and swam down to deeper levels, where the temperature got cooler, which in turn would create an instant fog over the housing, blocking out the lens.

I heard that rubbing Dawn or toothpaste onto the housing would cure it from fogging up, but after trying both methods, I came to quickly learn that the results were not as long lived as I needed. The housing would still fog up, no matter what I did.

I did a little research online to see what others were using to fix this annoying issue. As it turns out, most of the professionals were using Sea Drops, which are designed to kill fog on dive masks. I figured what a great idea, because Sea Drops worked perfectly on my mask, so why not on my housing?
I applied a drop of it to my housing and rubbed it all around, and waited for it to dry.

Sea Drops fixed the issue. Now every time I go out with the underwater camera, I apply Sea Drops before going, and it keeps fog away for the entire day.

If you are having issues with your underwater housing fogging up, definitely, definitely buy yourself a tube of Sea Drops to fix the problem.

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