Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Staying at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort in Mexico? Find Out Which Building You Will Be Staying In

When I first began booking my vacation to Mexico, I had a hard time figuring out where to stay. After tons of researching and best price hunting I decided on the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort. The only problem was, this beach resort is gigantic and broken up into different resorts all situated on the same stretch.

You have the Barcelo Maya Caribe, Barcelo Maya Beach, Barcelo Colonial, Barcelo Palace, and the Barcelo Tropical.

Being the lowest price building/resort, we went with Barcelo Maya Beach. We just had to figure out which building, or buildings were assigned to the Barcelo Maya Beach section.

After searching through forums, and hunting and pecking for maps uploaded to the Internet we discovered we could be assigned 3 different buildings, all of which are tucked further away from all of the resort accommodations, such as buffet, lobby and so on. However these 3 buildings are located closer to the beach and the pool, so we were not complaining.

The 3 buildings included in the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort include Tulum, Coba or Uxmal.
Uxmal is the smallest building located more towards the Caribe Beach section of the resort, and seems to have a closer access to the pool and beaches than the other 2 buildings.

Depending on where you want to stay in the Maya Beach section, just make a request and the staff may be able to accommodate you.

The Tulum building is located near the beach and is the very last building. This section will offer a more lush jungle environment vs. the other 2 buildings.

The Coba building is located dab in the center of Tulum an Uxmal, and is set up in the same manner as the Tulum building.

For quicker access to things though, I would recommend the Uxmal building, unless you really want that jungle experience which you will find in the Tulum building area.

All in all, the entire resort is simply stunning, no matter what building you are in. We go on vacation for the beach, and Barcelo offers one of the very best beaches in the area, with white sand that stretches for miles, and a gorgeous reef just steps into the water.
See map of resort layout here.

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