Monday, July 21, 2014

VH1's Daisy of Love; Sinister Sent Home! Recap!!!

Last night they finally aired the newest Daisy of Love episode on VH1. For some reason the season has gotten too jumpy, with my Cable box refusing to record episodes, and the fact that VH1 keeps showing re-runs while having fans of the show waiting 2 weeks for new episodes. 
At any rate we are finally all caught up. This week Daisy has to send 2 guys home, and bring only 2 of them to the finales.

Last week ChiChi was sent home, leaving behind 12 Pack, Sinister, Flex, and the re-introduced again London.

This weeks episode starts off with the guys once again giving London a hard time about leaving, then getting another chance to re-renter the show.

After this quick ball busting lameness, we watch as Daisy is out back chatting with the remaining men, having a good time, laughing, smiling, yadda, yadda, blah.

London wants to pull Daisy to the side though to have a talk with her. Sinister however is not having it, and tries getting cozy on Daisy while London attempts to have some alone time. Sinister however always gets tossed to the side by Daisy, and he seriously looks like a poor pathetic third wheel on the show. I honestly feel bad for him, because Daisy has done this to him time and time again.

Does anyone remember in the beginning episodes when Sinister won a challenge to hang with Daisy alone in the VIP room? I know I remember it. The bitch actually forgot he was up in the VIP room waiting, while she partied it up with the other men. As Michelle Tanner would say, 'How rude!'
Daisy makes her way over to the grass with London, while Sinister and the other men look on. They talk briefly, and begin making out. Sinister gets up, and walks over to the micro make-out session to interrupt the kiss-fest. He hands daisy some picked flowers.

Daisy takes them, and then turns all her attention back on to London. She tells London he has a lot to make up for, and asks him to eat one of the flowers that Sinister picked.

Sinister gets pissed due to the fact that 1. Daisy ignored his advances, 2. He lost his ring while picking some flowers, and 3. Daisy asks London to eat his flowers.

Sinister goes on yet another pathetic tough guy rampage. I think it is funny though, because he has such a strange outer worldly trot like walk whenever he gets mad.

He goes inside grabs a guitar, brings it outside and smashes it by the pool, while London and Daisy look on. Sinister throws the guitar into the pool, and huffs back inside, where he proceeds to push 12 Pack off of a kitchen counter while still huffing.

The whole scene was rather ridiculous, and made him look corny. I don't even like using the word corny, but he definitely came off as corny.

Anyhow, the saga does not end with this, because this week Daisy calls a bunch of the exes from the remaining mens past.

Everyone has an ex show up to share some dirt, except for London who has a friend come instead. You will remember this girl as a cast off from Paris Hilton's first season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF. The exes jobs are to share some dirt on the guys.

We learn that Flex's ex may still be in love with him, London was seeing someone back home, 12 Pack is perfect, and Sinister is aggressive.

A psychic is also brought into play to share with Daisy which of the guys would be best for her. Everyone gets rave reviews from the psychic except for Sinister. His review is mixed.

She was supposed to eliminate 2 guys, but she decided to keep Flex and bring him along to the finale as well.

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