Monday, July 21, 2014

Whatever Happened to the Malcolm in the Middle Boys?

So today I was thinking about child stars that are actually not child stars anymore. I think it is funny how time flies, because child stars from my generation are all from the '80s. However, those '90s child stars are all grown up, too. And for the heck of it, today I was wondering about the boys who played on Malcolm in the Middle.

Dewey in particular always managed to crack me up with his quirky behavior, weird thoughts, and his adorable little chipmunk face was to die for.

Dewey played by Erik Per Sullivan though is no little boy anymore. In fact he is practically a grown man, and when I stumbled upon recent photos of the child star, I was shocked at how much time has gone by. It seriously felt like yesterday when the first show aired on TV. Man, it makes me feel old!
Just take a look at Dewey in this updated photo by clicking here. Crazy wouldn't you say!

My next favorite was the trouble making brother Reese, who was played by Justin Berfield. Oddly, Justin looks just the way I remember him, only he is thinner than I would have thought he would be, and has less hair at the top, but that aside, he looks almost the same. Click to view a more recent photo of Reese! I mean Justin!

Next up is Malcolm! Although he was the center of the show, he was relatively my least favorite. No offense. I just found the other boys to be slightly crazier in character. At any rate Frankie Muniz hold a more of a flame torch due to his roles in hit movies. I wondered how much he had changed, and I was shocked to find this! Yup, the pint sized kid turned into one smoking hot grown man! Meow!
Francis, played by Christopher Masterson was the troubled older brother. I particularly enjoyed Francis' character because seeing his lifestyle in military school was like a micro mini TV show all its own, and it was as funny as hell, and as addicting as Pringles!

Christopher was pretty hot back in the show, so I was very curious as to what he looked like now. So here you go. Wow, where was I when he and Donna (Laura Prepon) broke up! Hahah! Man!
Last but not least was the 5th son added to the already chaotic family. Some of you may have totally forgotten, but in later seasons, Lois gave birth to Jaime. This tyke was played by identical twins James and Lukas Rodriguez.

Oddly enough when Jamie was an infant, his character was played by two twin girls by the names of Jessica and Kara Sanford.

Unfortunately I could not find any updated photos of either set of twins.
So there you have it, your 2009, Malcolm in the Middle, what do they look like now, update!

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