Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whitney Ports New Show, the City Starts Off Promising...

I never really gave much thought to Whitney Port who originally starred on The Hills. Whitney always seemed to have such short appearances in the show, and primarily every scene she was in she always bored me to death.

Still though, I wanted to catch her new reality show The City. I'll admit that the only reason I tuned in is because I am such a huge fan of The Hills.

Yet when I began watching it, I got sucked right smack into the story, and even with only one showing of The City, I am hooked.

You see, if you have been following The Hills, you saw Whitney leave to pursue her career in New York City. Here in the city though, not only does a promising new job greet her, but so does a new love interest named Jay.

Now we have seen this Jay fella a few times in The Hills, a hairy disgusting looking street hobo who can allegedly sing. (I've yet to bother with his tunes- so I can't judge)

It always amazes me that such beautiful girls fall for these things that looked like they crawled out of a sewer.

At any rate it seems that Whit's love life my be more complicated than not (yep, the pretty girls always manage to pick the losers). If you remember the guy Alex, that her old boss tried hooking her up with, you will see a bit of a male on male tiff go down in a night club later on in the first airing of the show.
Supposedly this fella Alex has some dirt on Jay, and the dirt of course is that Jay has been cheating on Whitney (God why! She's gorgeous!).

You really don't know where to go with this information though, because it is clear that Alex still has feeling for Whitney, and could be making up the whole story just to get back with Whitney.

However after hearing some of the things scruffy magoo (Jay) had to say about dating other girls, and how Whitney and his relationship seems to be moving too fast, I wouldn't be so sure Alex is lying. It seems that scruffy likes being free and single, and he likes to keep his eyes on other prizes, while 'doing whatever he wants'.
Nonetheless it is going to be sad, because I know viewers are going to get to watch Whitney get her lil heart broken by some guy that looks like that giant elephant from Sesame Street. Snuffy I think his name was.

I'm not saying this guy Alex would be any better though... he's just hotter, and seems more genuine.
Stay tuned to The City though this season on MTV, it is sure to be just as good as The Hills.

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