Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, Friends Again!?!? the Hills Season 4 Finale!!!!

The Hills season 4 finale was probably the best episode of The Hills I have ever seen.

Ever since Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag had their falling out 2 years ago, I have wanted Heidi and Lauren to make up so badly. I have also wanted Heidi to quickly see that Spencer is a control freak and that she needed to be with her BFF LC again.

I honestly thought though this would never ever happen, especially after the news of Spencer and Heidi getting married.

However just before that marriage was legalized, Spencer actually does the right thing, and announces to Heidi in the court room that he wants her to have the large dream wedding she has always wanted and dreamed of.

Why Heidi didn't speak up earlier though, is still beyond me. Girl has no back bone.
The Spencer being a good guy moment was not the touching moment in the season finale though, not by a long shot. The best moment on the show so far was when Lauren and Heidi reunite at some big event where Heidi and Lauren are both at. They run into one another, and although the beginning of the meet was awkward. the two actually, sort of, maybe, made up?

They ended up hugging a few times, and Lauren finally, finally, finally tells Heidi that if she ever needs her, she is there. Heidi ends up bursting in tears, and you can sense that she is upset about more than just her mother being upset about the secret wedding (not legal though).
AweMyGosh... so cute!
For me it was sort of like the Paris Hilton, and Nicole Richie feud. The two just are not the same unless they have each other.

Although Heidi wasn't the greatest BFF in the world, (remember her trying to hook up 'hook nose' Jen Bunny with Brody!? Ugh!), it was sad seeing the duo split up they way they had.

I'm pretty happy to see that the two are on friendly terms. Although they are likely far from being best friends, it is nice to see that they can speak to one another without flipping out or wanting to smack each other. Who knows... maybe Lauren will even be invited to the wedding?

It's doubtful, but you just never know with this series. It's anybodies guess.

As fans already know, The Hills season 5 will be airing sometime in the spring of 2009. I honestly cannot wait to see what goes down. Word is, it will feature the big wedding of Heidi and Spencer.

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