Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stars of Yesteryears! Where Are They Now? Where is Tiffany Brissette, Who Played Vicki the Robot on Small Wonders?

I was a bitty thing when I got my first glimpse of Vicki the robot on Small Wonders; a television show that came on every afternoon when I was a tot.

I fell in love with her, and the whole concept of robots that look just like humans.

I'm sure you all remember her, and the show. The plot of the show was so simple, yet so admired. A little girl robot (called Vicki) created by a family man (Ted)with two children and wife, fears that his boss would try and pass Vicki off as his own creation, leaving Ted with no recognition. To protect her, he passes her off as his adopted daughter.

It goes over well, but Vicki is awkward, with the way she walks, the way she talks, and the creepy out of this world blank stares that the actress pulled off in many episodes.

Of course with a plot like this, a show is born. Small Wonder's. It basically took a look at a regular family, with a robot girl thrown in. I loved the show, my mom loved the show...

and then...

one sad day, Small Wonder's stopped playing on my television. It was as if the show had just up and vanished, and in my teen years, I couldn't even remember the name of the show. Nor could I remember whether or not the show was a show at all. I began to think that perhaps this robot girl was a childhood fantasy and that Vicki never existed; but in my head. The reason for this was because everyone I asked had no idea what the hell I was talking about when I mentioned Vickie the robot girl!

Unbelievable! Years later though, while brining it up in a conversation with my boyfriend, he remembered her, best of all, he remembered the name of the show.

The reason I'm mentioning it today though, is because I love watching MTV and VH1 specials on Child Stars, Where Are They Now?

I watch them time and time again thinking that of course they will cover the girl robot I once knew and loved. Of course they would fill us in and let us know what she is up to. Sadly though, they never ever mention anything about Vicki, who was played by the actress Tiffany Brissette.

Why!? Why has there been no honorable mention of her?! She had to of been loved by tons of people when Small Wonder's aired from 1985 to 1989. Yet she gets no mention. Grrrr!!!!

So where the hell is Tiffany Brissette now!?
I have no idea, so I have to go by what my research found. After looking her up online, I came across a few articles about where she is now, however nearly everything I came across had mentioning of something different, and some articles were beyond outdated.

According to Wikipedia, Tiffany Brissette is a nurse in Boulder, Colorado. I guess I'll go by that. I suppose.
Although photos of what Tiffany looks like now, are nearly impossible to find....from what I did find though, she is doing well, and spends most of her time helping others. That was nice to discover.
The one more recent photo I was able to find of her can be seen by clicking here. Oddly enough it looks as if she is wearing the same get up she wore as Vicki in Small Wonder's.

I do hope that perhaps sometime soon, Child Star's will cover Tiffany Brissette on their show. It would be great to see her, and to hear from the child actress herself what life has been like since the show stopped airing.

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