Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Did You Know that Men Can Get Yeast Infections? Women Are Not the Only Ones Who Can Get a Yeast Infection

I can guarantee that many males reading this article never even knew that male yeast infections would ever be a real problem that they would have to face in life. I'm sure many of you thought it was an infection only women had to deal with.

That, however, is a complete myth, because men are prone to getting yeast infections.

How Men Can Get a Yeast Infection:

Mostly men usually will contract the disease by having intercourse with a female who has a yeast infection at the time of intercourse. However having sex with a carrier of the yeast infection, is not the only way a man can contract it.

-Men can get it by having feces come in contact with their penis, and having bacteria grow in the area that had not been cleansed properly.

-Men who are taking antibiotics for a long time are also prone to getting it.

-Men with low immune systems, men with diabetes, HIV, or men who simply walk around all day in damp clothing! They are all at a higher risk of yeast infections.

Although it is not a serious medical condition that will kill you, it is very, very painful.

Signs You May Have a Male Yeast Infection:
Signs that you may have a male yeast infection include redness at the tip of the penis head, itching and burning sensations, crusted white discharges from the penis, pain while having sexual intercourse, or pain while urinating. Other signs may or may not include bumps, sores, or blisters on the tip of the penis.

A male yeast infection can be cured using the same stuff women use when they get a yeast infection. Monistat, or other anti-fungal creams.

You can simply apply it to the effected area, and wait for the infection to disappear.

However, if you think you might have a male yeast infection, always first and foremost consult your doctor. The pain and bumps could also be genital warts.

For those of you holding dearly on to your Johnson's right now, you don't have to worry all that much, because male yeast infections are pretty uncommon. Keep in mind though that male yeast infection do in fact exist, and they are very, very painful.

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