Monday, July 21, 2014

2009's Top 5 Celebrity Retro Hair Cuts and Styles

For the past 5 to 10 years, we have had a trend that was not necessarily a new trend, but a trend of re-inventing old trends, and bringing them back with a somewhat newer updated look.
Not only has retro clothing made a complete comeback, but so have old toys, candy, and hair styles.
Some of the hottest retro hair styles can be seen worn on regular everyday people, and of course some of our favorite celebrities.
One hair style came back after Katie Holmes was caught sporting the short bob cut. Not only did adults crave an identical look, but many parents ran to the salon looking to get the cut for their children. I mean could you blame them? Look at how adorable Katie and Tom's daughter Suri looks in this photograph. Simply charming.

The bob style was extremely popular back in the 1960's, and frankly I am glad such a cute style has decided to make another round in our culture. It has been around for years, and I have a feeling it will be staying around.

The next retro style is seen worn often is by Christina Aguilera.

It's a clean and classical retro style inspired from the 1940's. Although I think it ages women, the style has taken off in popularity over the years, and is not all that difficult to obtain. Marilyn Monroe the classic beauty queen originally made this hair 'her own'. Christina Aguilera may have copied the 1950s bombshell, but she wears the retro look well, as you can see here in this photograph. Nothing though can steal the spotlight from Marilyn Monroe, as seen here.

This next retro style was extremely popular back in the 1970s. The style was a simple wave toward the front of the face, and is mostly known as the Farrah Fawcett. This beauty queen will not only be remembered for the warm gentle heart she was, but she will also be remembered for inventing such a gorgeous hairstyle back in the 1970's, that has yet to go away! May she rest in peace. Click to view this stunning, stunning individual.

This feathered look can still be seen worn by many, many popular stars. Whitney Port from The Hills, and her show The City has been spotted sporting the retro look; as well as Paris Hilton, and Tyra Banks.

Bumped up hair is also back, giving a beehive look a more modern, and acceptable edge. The bumped up hair can now be done easily using the Bump it hair styling product called Bumpits.
Ashley Tisdale; as seen here, and Paris Hilton sport the look often.

Super pin straight hair and long bangs are also a 1960s retro look that has made a huge comeback as well. This hairstyle is more a look to sport around in the fall season, and it is hot! Check out how smoking sexy hot Tyra Banks looks wearing the retro look.

Another retro look from the 1970s includes straightening your hair, and braiding two small braids at the sides of your face. Next take the braids and clip them back to make an almost headband type pull back made from your braids. Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad are known for wearing their hair like this, and the trend is back in full swing.

As you can see, retro is back. Besides the clothes, the memorable wax bottle candy, and pez, hair styles have also made a nice comeback, with a nice modern twist to them.

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